Corduroy Fabrics

Shop Corduroy Fabric for corduroy draperies and corduroy upholstery fabric use online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with corduroy fabric samples also being available. Durable corduroy fabric will make a great addition to your homes decor.
Corduroy Print Fabric
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The Corduroy print fabrics include corduroy fabrics in an array of fashion prints. These printed corduroy fabrics for drapery and upholstery use include stripes, polka dots and other printed patterns and designs.

Solid Color Corduroy Fabric
Solid Color Corduroy Fabric >
Excellent selection of solid color corduroy fabrics for a variety of decorating options are included in this corduroy fabric selection. As a fabric, corduroy is considered a durable cloth great for upholstery and other decorative uses.

First produced in Manchester, England, corduroy fabric is typically made of cotton, although polyester, rayon and acrylic fibers are sometimes used. These fibers are twisted and laid flat to give corduroy fabric the look that is recognizable today. The size of these twisted fibers is referred to as the wale size. The higher the wale size, the thicker the fabric. These higher wale fabrics are customarily found in corduroy upholstery fabrics and are coarser to the touch than those cords with smaller wale sizes. The back of corduroy fabric is typically a flat or twill weave. Corduroy fabric is very much like a ridged velvet, but has a higher durability making it suitable for bedding, draperies and upholstery.