Shop Leather online by the hide and half hide for great looking upholstery leather looks that include Italian leather to woven leather, patent leather and other great leather choices.
Distressed Leather                       Fabric
Distressed Leather >
Distressed leather premium selection, full grain Italian cowhides have been tumbled with Aniline Dyes and Paraffin Wax to produce a rich, sophisticated look. Unique variations and natural markings give this Distressed Leather for upholstery use an historic, well worn character.

Embossed Leather Fabric
Embossed Leather >
Embossed Leather made of unique, embossed top grain leather for upholstery use and other decorative purposes that offer that one of a kind look can be found in these embossed leathers.

Italian Leather Fabric
Italian Leather >
Italian Leather featuring a premium selection of Italian cowhides are used to produce this elegant and luxurious Italian leather offering which features a variety of wonderful color choices.

Sheep Skin                               Fabric
Sheep Skin >
Supreme comfort; Sheep skin is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sheep skin can be used for pilot seats, automotive seats and for throw rugs.

Solid Leather HIdes Fabric
Solid Leather HIdes >
Solid Leather Hides featuring high quality, solid colored leather that is perfect for upholstery use are offered online by the hide at discount prices.

Barbara Barry Chalet Fabric
Barbara Barry Chalet >
Real leather cowhide along with coordinating drapery and upholstery fabrics can be found in Chalet by designer Barbara Berry through Kravet Fabric.

Barbara Barry Chalet

Berkshire Leather                        Fabric
Berkshire Leather >
Italian, semi aniline leather with a consistent grain and minimal natural markings. Extremely durable with an anti bacterial finish excellent for any upholstery application.

Bleach Cleanable Leather II Fabric
Bleach Cleanable Leather II >
Kravet Fabrics Bleach Cleanable Leather II

Bleach Cleanable Leather II

Caressa Leather                          Fabric
Caressa Leather >
Well known for its soft hand, Caressa leather is a natural calf like leather from Italy. Soft and supple, these premium cowhides accentuate the characteristics of quality full grain leather. With an anti bacterial finish this leather is perfect for any upholstery application.

Chatham Leather                          Fabric
Chatham Leather >
With a durable, yet breathable matte finish, the Chatham leathers are one of the best selling leathers available. Natural full-grain with anti-bacterial finish, these leathers are excellent for all upholstery applications.

DiModa Patent Leather Fabric
DiModa Patent Leather >
DiModa Patent Leather in a special finish with a smooth, high gloss appearance of Italian leather. Choose from among several gorgeous colors and three styles featuring: solid patent leather, cobra and gator.

Glazed Leather                           Fabric
Glazed Leather >
The hand antiqued, spill resistant finish makes this leather very durable, even in the highest traffic areas. These glazed leathers feature a high sheen for a beautiful and classic mottled effect.

Kenya Leather                            Fabric
Kenya Leather >
European shrunken Nubuck Leather has a sueded hill and valley effect. The Kenya Leather has a luxurious texture that provides an elegant alternative to standard leathers and smaller suedes.

Leather Looks IV Fabric
Leather Looks IV >
Stout Fabrics Leather Looks IV

Leather Looks IV

Mystique Leather                         Fabric
Mystique Leather >
A unique duel tone texture and excellent durability makes the Mystique Leather a premium collection. Excellent for any upholstery application, this solid colored leather is available in over 20 color choices.

Newport Club Italian Leather                     Fabric
Newport Club Italian Leather >
Premium Italian leather with a full grain and soft hand can be found in the Newport Club upholstery leathers. These Italian leathers feature a beautiful mottled surface with deep, rich colors, and a gorgeous sheen.

Pearlessence Leather Fabric
Pearlessence Leather >
Pearlessence is a full grain, Italian semi aniline leather with a smooth grain. A beautiful pearl finish is applied giving each hide a refined shimmer. Available in both soft hues and also bold metallic colors, Pearlessence by Garrett Leather is suitable for all upholstery applications when a high quality leather fabric is desired.

Sierra Full Grain Leather                           Fabric
Sierra Full Grain Leather >
Sierra Leather is the ultimate is full grain Italian leather. Striations run throughout the whole hide showing the true beauty of this buttery soft leather. Over time this rich leather will develop a Patina and age to perfecttion.

Steerhides Fabric
Steerhides >
Garrett Leather Steerhides offers hair on hide leather from steerhides in 3 different types: Natural, Stenciled, and Specialty. Used as rugs, wall hangings, and upholstery the natural hair on hide leathers stenciled offerings include tiger and leopard along with zebra and others while the specialty leathers offer vining leaves and golden accented leopard and bright bold solid choices as well as natural brown and white and black and white hair colorations and more.

Torino Leather Fabric
Torino Leather >
Torino Leather collection by Garrett Leather was inspired by the glorious mountain landscape of the Turin region of Italy. The new Torino leather collection has a rich hand and a welcoming texture. These full bodied Italian cowhides have a uniform pebble grain that provides consistency, durability and superior cutting yields.

Leather including upholstery leather, Italian leather, woven leather and patent leather along with other great looking leather types are offered online by the hide in a variety of great looking leather choices.