Tapestry Fabric

Shop and buy Tapestry Fabric online by the yard for upholstery use at discount prices with tapestry fabric samples available along with unsurpassed customer service. Tapestry Fabrics are a heavier woven fabric that traditionally was used as wall hangings, but today is also widely used for upholstery. You can buy these tapestry upholstery fabrics in a variety of themes depicting scenes and themes such as animals, westerns, American Indian to contemporary beach themes in various patterns with great color choices.
Animal Tapestry Fabric
Animal Tapestry Fabric >
Durable and heavy animal tapestry fabric featuring cats, dogs, bears, horses and other animals can be found in these tapestry weight upholstery fabrics.

Floral and Geometric Tapestry Fabric
Floral and Geometric Tapestry Fabric >
Fabrics Floral and Geometric Tapestry Fabric heavy woven fabrics that have the classic tapestry look and feel. Includes florals, botanicals, shapes and designs.

Picturesque Tapestry Fabric
Picturesque Tapestry Fabric >
The Picturesque tapestry fabric includes a wide array of novelty tapestries that combine a sense of adventure with comfort. These tapestry fabrics are suitable for upholstery, slipcovers, bedspreads, draperies, tabletops and wallcovering.

Western Tapestry Fabric
Western Tapestry Fabric >
This Western Tapestry Fabric for upholstery use includes tapestry fabric featuring cowboys, horses, native american blankets and other scenes of the southwest.

Modern Tapestry II Fabric
Modern Tapestry II >
Charlotte Fabrics Modern Tapestry II Lifeguard Finish provides superior stain and fade resistance. Upholstery for residential and commercial use. Color coordinated texture, swirl and geometric fabric patterns.

Modern Tapestry II

Novelty Tapestry Fabric
Novelty Tapestry >
Charlotte Fabrics Novelty Tapestry

Novelty Tapestry

Tapestry Classics II Fabric
Tapestry Classics II >
Charlotte Fabrics Tapestry Classics II

Tapestry Classics II

Themes Of Tapestry II Fabric
Themes Of Tapestry II >
Charlotte Fabrics Themes Of Tapestry II offers tapestry weight upholstery fabrics in a variety of themes that range from sports, animals, hunting, fishing, deear, racing and other great looking patterns.

Themes Of Tapestry II