Mara Stoneware

Set a beautiful table with Mara Stoneware that offers durable stoneware in unique designs for your dining pleasure. Whether you are looking for stoneware dinnerware, a stoneware dish, stoneware pottery, plates, bowls, coffee mugs, dinner plates, or a decanter it's all here at discounted prices.
Creamer and Sugar Sets Accessories
Creamer and Sugar Sets >
Stoneware Creamer & Sugar Sets - Mara

Sweeten up your table decor with these hand crafted creamer and sugar stoneware sets by Mara. These durable stoneware sets are suitable for both the microwave and dishwasher and are sure to last for years while keeping its original beauty.

Decanters Accessories
Decanters >
Stoneware Decanters - Mara

Handcrafted using only lead and cadmium free glazes, these stoneware decanters by Mara are the perfect gift for fathers, college graduates and collectors. Available in 4 sizes; 20 oz., 24 oz., 28 oz. and 44 oz.

Dinnerware Plates Accessories
Dinnerware Plates >
Stoneware Plates - Mara

Pretty enough to put on display but durable enough to use for everyday dinnerware. These stoneware dinner plates by Mara are handcrafted from cadmium and lead free glazes and are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

Dinnerware Plates

Pet Bowls Accessories
Pet Bowls >
Stoneware Pet Bowls - Mara

Mara Stoneware has created wonderful handmade pet accessories perfect for your pampered pooch or furry feline. These stoneware cat and dog bowls are perfect for all your beloved best friends.

Pitchers Accessories
Pitchers >
Stoneware Pitchers - Mara

Vibrant colors and unique handcrafted designs adorn these collectible stoneware pitchers. Available in 2 convenient sizes and 3 unique shapes. Choose from a 32 oz. scoop neck pitcher, a 32 oz. curved pitcher or a traditional 44 oz. water pitcher.


Raised Relief Mugs Accessories
Raised Relief Mugs >
Stoneware Mugs - Mara

In round and square styles, these unique stone mugs by Mara offer a raised look to the decorative pattern adorning it.

Round Mugs Accessories
Round Mugs >
Round Stoneware Mugs - Mara

These beautiful handcrafted stoneware mugs are perfect for coffee on the go or for sipping hot chocolate with your favorite blanket on a cold day. Let one of these Round Stoneware Mugs become your favorite mug.

  • Hand Finished
  • Cadmium & Lead Free Glazes
  • Microwave, Dishwasher and Oven Safe

Serving Bowls Accessories
Serving Bowls >
Stoneware Serving Bowls - Mara

Beautiful hand finished stoneware serving bowls in two convienient sizes to give your dinnerware that special look. Use the 72 oz. serving bowl for pasta and salads. Use the 24 oz. serving bowl for soup, cereal and dessert. These works of art are the perfect compliment to your table.

Soup Latte Mugs and Saucers Accessories
Soup Latte Mugs and Saucers >
Stoneware Soup/Latte Mugs & Saucers - Mara

Mara presents beautiful hand crafted stoneware mug and saucer sets. These microwave, oven and dishwasher safe stoneware cup and saucer sets are perfect for your favorite soup or beverage.

Square Dinnerware Accessories
Square Dinnerware >
Square Stoneware Dinnerware - Mara

Unique and colorful this square stoneware dinnerware by Mara is a great way to get your kids to eat a square meal. Whether you want a full 16 piece set of 1 color or individual pieces to mix and match, this is a great addition to your kitchens arsenal of beautiful dinnerware.

Square Mugs Accessories
Square Mugs >
Square Stoneware Mugs - Mara

Unique hand finished square mugs in beautiful designs and colors made by Mara are offered. These 12oz square bottom mug sets are perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soup for yourself or as a gift.

Steins Accessories
Steins >
Stoneware Steins - Mara

These handcrafted stoneware steins by Mara are perfect for your favorite brew or beverage. Whether you choose a one-of-a-kind 15oz sculpted stein or a brilliantly colored 16oz stein both sizes are perfect for both hot and cold liquids.

Tea Pots Accessories
Tea Pots >
Stoneware Tea Pots - Mara

These stunning handcrafted tea pots are perfect for an afternoon tea by yourself or for hosting an entire tea party. The unique designs and bold colors are sure to become a favorite for you and your guests.

Set a beautiful table with our stoneware. Whether you are looking for stoneware dinnerware, a stoneware dish, stoneware pottery, plates, bowls, coffee mugs, dinner plates, or a decanter we have it all at discount prices.