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Modern & Contemporary Wallpaper & Border

Black and White WallpaperBlack and White Wallpaper
Black and White Wallpaper
Contemporary Wallpaper/Wallcovering

Create a modern new and revitalized look in your homes decor with these unique contemporary wallcoverings in black and white.

Contemporary WallpaperContemporary
Contemporary Wallpaper
Contemporary Wallpaper - Wallcovering - Contemporary Wallcovering

Create a new and revitalized look with these unique contemporary wallcoverings.

Damask WallpaperDamask Wallpaper
Damask Wallpaper
Damask Wallpaper

Luxurious damask wallpaper for your home decor project or commercial use. These damask wallcoverings will let you design the look you want from traditional to modern with a wide color range. Todays favorite damask colors included pink, black, white, red, silver and gold toned damask patterns are featured.
Diamonds and Ogee WallpaperDiamonds and Ogee
Diamonds and Ogee Wallpaper
Ogee and diamond wall coverings in a broad range of sizes and colors.
Ethnic and Global WallpaperEthnic and Global
Ethnic and Global Wallpaper
Trendy wallpaper patterns inspired by the cultures of the world. From medallions to ikats, these global print wall coverings make a bold statement.
Industrial WallpaperIndustrial
Industrial Wallpaper
Wallpaper Industrial
Lattice and Trellis WallpaperLattice and Trellis Wallpaper
Lattice and Trellis Wallpaper
Lattice and Trellis Wallpaper features a repetitive design that looks like fretwork or framework.
Modern Geometric Designs WallpaperModern Geometric Designs
Modern Geometric Designs Wallpaper
Modern Wallpaper/Wallcovering & Borders

Create a new and revitalized look with these unique modern wallcoverings and modern borders. Great new modern design in these wallcoverings and borders will keep you on the cutting edge.

Tiles and Tiled Wallcoverings WallpaperTiles and Tiled Wallcoverings
Tiles and Tiled Wallcoverings Wallpaper
Tiles and Tiled Wallcoverings feature designs made to look like tile for floors, backsplashes and any other project.
Watercolor and Abstract WallpaperWatercolor and Abstract
Watercolor and Abstract Wallpaper
Watercolor and Abstract wallpaper that features the watercolor paint effect. Also includes abstract designs and modern abstract art.