Curtain Tracks


This collection of curtain tracks with hardware is ideal for a wide variety of uses including curtains, draperies and cubicle curtains. These curtain tracks are designed especially for ceiling mount but also offer hardware so that they can be wall mounted. These adaptable ceiling tracks include rigid metal track as well as flexible curtain track. Track is available in a variety of lengths that can reach up to a 160' continuous length in the flexible tracks. Flexible Ceiling Track can also be used as you would a standard rigid metal track. Custom lengths of the flexible track and metal track cut to your exact specifications is also offered for one way or split draw use. These tracks all offer extra smooth rolling when traversing your curtains or drapery as ball bearing carriers are featured as well as self lubricating nylon curtain carriers. Both types of carriers offer a buttery smooth and easy rolling convenience that can be done with your hand or with a drapery baton, that helps prevent soiling your curtains. Cord traversing ceiling tracks are also offered with hardware for hanging pinch pleated carriers. Other hardware for the Ceiling Track includes ceiling brackets as well as brackets so these types of tracks can be hung on the wall. Splices for those wanting to order track in 8 foot lengths and under in order to save on motor freight charges for oversize loads are offered. The metal track is available in continuous lengths up to 16'. The flexible curtain track can be shipped without additional oversize motor freight charges in any length, as it can be sent rolled up. While designed for heavy duty applications such as hospitals with the cubicle curtain tracks to hotels with the super smooth curtain tracks, they are also commonly used in homes with large windows and heavier draperies to help with ease in traversing.