Futura Vinyl Futura Vinyl

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Futura Textiles Vinyl Fabric offers nothing but vinyl fabric for upholstery use in a wide range of styles for home and commercial to marine and automotive vinyl upholstery fabrics.

Americana Futura Vinyl

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Futura Textiles Americana offers marine vinyl upholstery fabrics in a grainy texture in 23 colorways that is extra heavy duty being rated at 500,000 double rubs.

Apollo Futura Vinyl

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The Futura Textiles Apollo offers marine vinyl fabric that are also perfect for golf carts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, tractors, automotive and rv as well as home and commercial upholstery use. Featuring a 4 way stretch for excellent upholstery coverage these marine vinyl fabrics come in a contemporary color line that offers 9 great looking colorways. These vinyl fabrics are made of 100% virgin vinyl that is heavy duty having passed a 50,000 Wyzenback cycle test as well as being UFAC Class 1 fire retardant.

Atlantis Futura Vinyl

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Futura Textiles Atlantis features marine vinyl upholstery fabrics with a faux leather look in 26 colorways. These marine vinyl fabrics are made of a 100% virgin vinyl face with a 100% polyester backing for long lasting heavy duty upholstery use.

Auto Revolution Futura Vinyl

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Futura Textiles Auto Revolution offers some great looking automotive vinyl upholstery fabrics in 41 color choices.

Marine Revolution Futura Vinyl

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Futura Textiles Marine Revolution offers 4 unique pattern choices in Caprina Island, Palm Island, Carbon Fiber and Venice Island. These marine vinyl fabrics are offered in 77 color choices that are all rated at 50,000 double rubs with their face being made of 100% virgin vinyl and the backing being made of 100% polyester.

Polaris Futura Vinyl

Polaris >

Futura Textiles Polaris is what you have been looking for if it's sparkly and glitter retro vinyl upholstery fabric your after in 17 dazzling colorways. These sparkle vinyl fabrics have a 100% virgin vinyl face with a 100% polyester backing and will withstand a heavy duty 50,000 double rubs.

Runabout Futura Vinyl

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Futura Textiles Runabout offers 5 color choices in a marine vinyl upholstery fabric that has a faux leather look and is made of a 100% virgin vinyl face with a 100% polyester backing that withstands 50,000 double rubs.

Spectrum Futura Vinyl

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Futura Textiles Spectrum vinyl upholstery fabrics offer a light cowhide grain look in 22 color choices.

Windstar Futura Vinyl

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Futura Textiles Windstar offers heavy duty 30 ounce vinyl upholstery fabrics with a light grain in 32 magnificent colorways.

Xtreme Futura Vinyl

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Futura Textiles Xtreme features a heavy grained faux leather vinyl upholstery fabric in 17 classic color choices.