20 Questions Your Furniture Salesman Should Ask You

  01. What color is the carpeting, draperies, walls and other furniture in the room?
  02. In what style do you want to decorate? Early American, Provincial, Mediterranean, Contemporary?
  03. Do you have children and how old are they?
  04. Do you entertain frequently?
  05. Is the man in your family large, small or medium size?
  06. What kind of pets do you have?
  07. Will the furniture be exposed to constant direct heat?
  08. Will the furniture be exposed to constant, direct sunlight?
  09. In what room will you use the furniture?
  10. Approximately how much do you want to pay?
  11. What is the traffic pattern in the room?
  12. What is the shape of the room in which you will put the furniture and what other pieces will be in the room with it?
  13. Does your husband like a special place for reading and watching T.V. ?
  14. Will you want to add additional pieces in the near future to match the furniture you are buying now?
  15. How long do you expect the furniture to last?
  16. Are you replacing existing furniture?
  17. Do you plan on moving this new furniture to another room in your home at a later date?
  18. Do you live in an apartment from which you may move or do you live in a home where you plan to live for another 5 to 10 years?
  19. Do you have overnight guests occasionally or a growing family for which you might need additional sleeping space?
  20. Does the person who will be using a sofa bed have any allergy problems?