Mid Century Modern Decorating Style

Mid Century Modern DecoratingNeat freaks unite! I have found the style for you. The Modern design style is all about clean, organized and free of clutter. The primary goal is based on the idea of building for functionality rather than design. In this month’s newsletter we will dive into what makes up modern décor and how to adapt this style in your home. We will also discuss mid-century modern and how just a few changes can take your home from modern to mid-century modern.

Let's begin with wallcovering and paints. Neutral colors are often the perfect choice. A mix of colors and designs on the walls often clutters up the clean lines and sleek looks of the modern style. Mid Century modern homes often had wood beams or paneling that covered the walls. You can achieve this look by adding wallpaper that looks like paneling. Flooring in a modern home is often a stained concrete, tile or a dark wood. You can accent with rugs but they should be plain and neutral in color. Installing a flooring style that you can sweep and clean easily is part of the functionality of the modern design.  Mid-Century modern homes also had the simple flooring that could be taken care of easily.

Window treatments in a modern home are typically shades and blinds or they may not have window coverings at all. You can find some great shades that will block out light and UV rays that are easy to clean and maintain.Curtains come off as fussy and something that you have to clean. If you want drapes, try something with a simple pleat and a dark fabric.  Choosing the right furniture for your modern home is important. You want clean, straight lines. Avoid pieces that are covered in pillows and blankets.  Glass tables with metal or steel legs create the clean and functional look. If you are going for the mid-century look it has more wood and less metal. It still has the clean lines and small legs that are indicative of modern furniture design.

Lighting is also important in modern design. Lamps and lighting fixtures that give off good light is important. This is functional and adds to the design without adding clutter. If you are finding lamps for a mid-century design you might look at local flea markets. Look for lighting that has a little more curvature. Sleek fans are also important in these spaces. Keep accessories to the minimum; however, you do want to add great art. Large statement pieces are important and you only want one or two. You do not want to overpower the room with a lot of small pieces that look more like clutter. A nice painting or even sculpture art that is clean and simple is perfect.

I hope that if you are a neat-freak and love functionality just as much as cleanliness, you look into redesigning your important spaces with a modern flair.