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Document  Frequently Asked Questions About Decorative Mirrors
FAQ page of questions our customers have asked about decorative mirrors, floor mirrors and wall mirrors.

Document  Frequently Asked Questions About Interior Decorating and Home Decor
FAQ page of questions our customers have asked about interior decorating and home decor FAQ

Document  Frequently Asked Questions About Lamps and Lighting
FAQ page of questions our customers have asked about lamps and lighting FAQ

Document Art Deco Style
The Art Deco style is characterized by geometric motifs, bold colors, curved forms, and synthetic materials, such as plastic.

Document Best Home Decor Items Worth the Investment
Buying a house is a big investment, and the last thing any shopper wants to do is make a major purchase they'll regret down the road. While certain pieces - sofas, appliances, mattresses - are clear investment items, how do you decide when to save or splurge?

Document Coastal Decorating
Do you love the sights and sounds of the sea? Boats, sailing, sea shells and so much more? Coastal decorating may be the style for your space.

Document Cooling Down with a Ceiling Fan
One way we can save on energy costs is by using a ceiling fan. It makes your skin feel at least 5° cooler and you might save between 10% and 40% on your energy bill.

Document Eclectic Design Style
Eclectic Design What is it? And how do I do it?

Document English Country Style
English Country What is English Country style? Close your eyes and visualize Laura Ashley florals with Ralph Lauren plaids and wools…

Document Ergonomic Guidelines and Standards
Discover the ergonomic guidelines that will improve productivity and efficiency of your employees and reduce or eliminate injuries on the job.

Document French Country Design Style
Design Styles: French Country design ideas for your home.

Document Heres How to Master the Throw-Pillow Mix
Do not fret, mastering a throw pillow mix is not rocket science. There are no hard and fast rules; its really about switching things up until you find the right combination and arrangement.

Document How To Hang Artwork
Placement, grouping, size - questions answered about hanging pictures and artwork.

Document Installing Key Hole Brackets
Shelves with key hole brackets require good preparation but are easy to hang. Step-by-step instructions for level shelf installation.

Document Mid-Century Modern Decorating Style
Mid-Century Modern Defined

Document Morrocan Decorating
Lush pillows, Persian rugs, dim lighting, and brightly colored tiles, paint, and fabrics make up most of the Moroccan style.

Video Ralph Lauren Style Guides
The definitive guide to Ralph Lauren style.

Document Shabby Chic Style
Shabby Chic is a style of interior design where furniture and furnishings are chosen for their appearance of age and signs of wear or new items are distressed to achieve the look. They are typically white with a very feminine, soft, romantic feel.

Video The Making of a Stained Glass Lamp
Learn from Meyer Cohen, late founder of Meyda Tiffany Lighting Studio, as he creates a one of a kind masterpiece out of stained glass.

Document Traditional Interior Design Style
Traditional Design style defined.

Document Transitional Decorating
Transitional is the marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, draperies, and accessories.

Document Western/Southwestern Decorating Style
Rustic styled decor with Native American patterns and colors. Cowboys and hunting - all of things can be considered western design elements.