Eclectic Decorating Style

For our final decorating style we are featuring something that combines different styles together: eclectic. This style is blended together by color, fabrics, and accessories to create something beautiful.

You want to stick with neutrals when thinking about wallcovering in an eclectic setting. This will allow you to tie things together in your fabrics, accessories, and draperies. If you do not like neutral paint and you prefer wallpaper, a slightly textured wallpaper would be perfect.

One of the key features of an eclectic room is mis-matched furniture.  Dining room chairs shouldn’t match just like the accent chairs in your room should be in a different style than the sofa. This gives lots of interest to your room. For example, get a vintage Victorian sofa to go with the new ottoman and chair you have in your living room. Bringing in vintage pieces will continually give you a mix of different items. Your friends and family will never know what to expect when they visit.

Looking at the fabrics for your room should be a fun task. Stick with neutrals for larger pieces but don’t forget to have fun when it comes to dressing smaller windows and adding pillows to furniture. Mix patterns, styles and texture throughout the room.

Eastern trunks and more traditional vases can work well together.  Mixing vintage art with modern art is welcome here. Do you have a collection of coffee table books, stack them to the ceiling and place a candle stand on top to create your own statement piece.  Feel free to display small statues on your books shelves. With this decorating style, the possibilities are endless.

If you enjoy junking or antiquing this style could be for you. If you are drawn to the loud and outspoken accessories in every store you walk into, this style could be for you. If you love both, give eclectic a try. If could be just the decorating freedom you have been looking for.

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