Coastal Style

In this months newsletter we wanted to hightlight the coastal style of decorating. Characterized by unfussy, clean, and neutral, this style of decorating would be nice for anyone that lives close to the coast or for those who live more inland but dream of living on the coast. A few things to consider when decorating this way include, wall color, textiles, window coverings, and accessories. We will highlight these key areas to help you create a coastal space that will leave you feeling relaxed in your home. When choosing a wall color for your coastal style home try to stay with neutral tones. Whites, tans, and even light blues make the space feel open and clean. If you love to accent with wallcoverings, choosing a natural grasscloth is a great accent wall option. Creating a style that is truly coastal is often highlighted in the textiles that cover the windows, and furniture in your home. Simple furniture covers in whites and neutral tones are often quick fixes to give you a coastal style. If you are looking for something that is a more permanent fix to your furniture upholstery, try having it reupholstered in some neutral fabrics that fit your space. Linens, cottons, and even light colored denims that cover your furniture, can give an unfussy feel because it is not complicated with patterns. However if you do like patterns, try using it on pillows or small accent chairs. These patterns can be simple stripes, paisleys, or even floral patterns. Using textiles to cover your windows in a coastal style home needs to be simple.Coastal Using sheers on a window gives the space a light and airy feel and is normally a great option for a coastal style home. If you do want something to cover your windows that is more than a simple drape, choosing a blind or natural bamboo shade can give a coastal feel and give more privacy to rooms such as the bedroom and bathrooms of your home. Now to the fun part of decorating, accessories! Choosing items that feature sea life are great additions to your coastal decor. This is also a time to choose pieces that will last in your home. Choosing accessories that can be used as art make a dual function and you get the most out of your pieces. Sculptures and items that are larger can sit on your bookshelves and function as an accessory and a bookend. Bowls that look like shells can hold smaller shells from your weekend adventures to the coast or other small treasure that you love to display. Always remember that decorating any space should be a fun experience, so explore and play. Check out our pinterest page for more coastal decorating ideas.