Transitional Decorating Style

Transitional Design Style Pinterest BoardDeciding on your decorating style can be challenging and yet fun at the same time. So far in our newsletters we have looked at five different decorating styles. This month we are going to discuss the transitional style. Most people find that this is their current style or it could be if they changed a couple of small things. Simply put, transitional is the marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, draperies, and accessories. If you are looking at making your home more transitional, it is easier than you might think.            When looking at paint or wallpaper, neutral is a great place to start. When you use neutrals, you are creating a blank canvas for photos, art, and other pieces to shine. If you have a pattern it could tend to lend itself to one design more than the other and you are truly looking for a marriage of the two. When you consider fabrics for draperies, again neutral is the way to go.  Pleated draperies would provide a more traditional look, while grommets suggest a more modern feel. If you do choose to use a more contemporary drape, try using a wooden rod with a simple finial.  A contemporary curtain rod would be the choice if you are using a traditional drape. Furniture pieces in a transitional style may include modern pieces with sleek lines and traditional pieces with curves and deep wood colors.  If you have a comfy sofa or chair that is overstuffed and great to cuddle in, don’t give that up for style. Try changing the tables or other furniture pieces out in the room. This will keep your comfort at an all-time high and your budget at an all-time low.  Accenting with lamps that are both traditional and modern will help give you this look without changing everything. Also look at using pendants and even fans to add interest and finish the marriage of the two styles. Accessories such as art, wall hangings, boxes, and vases will complete the overall transitional style that you are looking for.  Use a mix of traditional and contemporary art to make your room more interesting.  This style is easy to do because most people already have some traditional and contemporary pieces in their home. Make this style your own because if you use a nice mix of both, you can’t go wrong.