Morrocan Decorating Style

Moroccan Design Style Morocco is located at the top east corner of Africa, just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. Because of Morocco’s location, it has several decorating influences that have made it so interesting.  Lush pillows, Persian rugs, dim lighting, and brightly colored tiles, paint, and fabrics make up most of the Moroccan style. If you want to achieve this look you will want to start with your walls. Wallpaper with quatrefoil patterns and lush colors are always a great choices. If you do not want your walls overpowered with color, an accent wall in a deep color while all of the other walls are neutral is a good alternative. You will then want to look at draperies. Because most things are open air in this area, they use very deep colored sheers draped around windows and across ceilings.  Silk sheers are very natural to the area and style but you can achieve that same look with good polyester sheers at a fraction of the cost. Furniture will sometimes have curved edges or scroll patterns, but it normally stays simple because the architecture, paint, and accessories are the stars of the show. Lighting in this style is dim and romantic. You will see little lanterns hanging from the ceiling in groups of fours and fives. These lanterns all have patterns etched into the sides of the metal and give off wonderful designs when the light shines through them. Pillows and throws will add even more interest to your Moroccan palace. You can use brightly colored fabric mixed with patterned fabric to make your pillows. Throws and blankets in deep colors or interesting patterns can be found normally year round and will add another layer of interest. If you are not ready to go crazy with pillows or color, add a Persian rug to your floor might be an easy place to start adding interest. Rugs are sometimes the biggest investment in a room; but with this style, completely necessary. To finish off your room, try accessorizing with wall hangings, mirrors, lanterns, and clocks. Start with some great pillows and a statement rug and you will be on your way to a Moroccan style home. Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for great images and tips.