Wallpaper DIY How-To and Tips for Decorating

Document  Frequently Asked Questions About Wallpaper and Wallcovering
FAQ page of questions our customers have asked about wallpaper and wallcoverings FAQ

Video How To Hang a Mural
1838 Wallcoverings guide to hanging a mural.

Document How to Measure Wallpaper
Tips on Measuring for Wallpaper! How to accurately measure to get the correct amount of wallpaper for your room.

Document Wallpaper Glossary
Blister, Cellulose Paste, Double Roll, Scrubbable Wallpaper - wallpaper terms and definitions to help you make sense of hanging wallpaper.

Document Wallpaper Pricing - The Correct Way to Measure and Order Wallpaper
Wallpaper pricing can be confusing. While wallpaper books list prices per Single Roll, the wallpaper is manufactured and sold in Double Rolls. There are two popular methods of estimating: