Blinds DIY How-To and Tips for Decorating

Document  Frequently Asked Questions About Blinds
FAQ page of questions our customers have asked about home decor blinds FAQ

Video Assembly of R-Trac Track for Cord Draw
Learn how to assemble a R-Trac traverse rod with pin carriers and cord draw.

Video Attaching Ripplefold Snap Tape to the R-Track System
How to attach and adjust Ripplefold Snap Tape to the R-Track system.

Video Attaching Shade to EZ Rig Shade System
How to attach your Roman shade to the EZ Rig shade system.

Document Choosing Solar Shade Fabric
Factors to consider when choosing a fabric for roller shades. Dark Color? Light Color? Openness?

Video EZ Rig Shade System Assembly
How to assemble, adjust and mount an EZ Rig shade system for Roman shades.

Video Fauxwood Blinds Factory Allowance
Our boxed fauxwood blinds come 1/2 inch narrower than the size on the box. Let Emery explain how the factory allowance works. Also shows what parts come in the box.

Video Horizonatal Shadings with Cordless Lift
Lovely shades are constructed of soft fabric vanes suspended between sheer facings. Not only are they beautiful, but these smart shadings roll up and disappear into a sleek headrail for an unobstructed view.

Document How To Clean Mini Blinds
Mini, Faux and Vertical blinds should all be lightly cleaned on a weekly basis by simply dusting them with a dust rag or feather duster. Eventually, a light dusting will not remove all of the dirt, so you will need to be a little more aggressive...

Document How To Measure for Horizontal Blinds
Helpful tips for measuring your window for blinds. Measuring for blinds. Measure my windows.

Document How To Measure for Vertical Blinds
Helpful tips and instructions for measuring windows for vertical blinds. How to measure your patio doors for vertical blinds.

Video How to Retrofit a Roman Shade with Encased Lift Cord Shroud Tape
Learn how to retrofit old Roman shade so it is compliant with 2010 ANSI shades safety standards using encased lift cord shroud tape.

Video How to shorten horizontal slat window blinds.
Step by step tutorial show exactly how to shorten horizontal slat window blinds.

Video Installing the Universal Drive Cord Tension Device
How to install the universal drive tension device which is used for the continuous speed chain cord or loop.

Document Installing Window Blinds Quickly Easily and Efficiently
Learn how to install multiple window blinds in the easiest and most efficient manner, and avoid sagging in the middle. A time tested method you will only learn here.

Video PowerWand Motorized Shades
Discreet PowerWand is battery operated. The rechargeable batter is concealed inside the roller tube. The portable charger plugs directly into the back of the wand control. Charge lasts for about 6 months. Available on Roller and Solar Shades

Video Replace Tilter in Vinyl Mini Blinds
Broken tilter mechanism? Quick video on how to remove and replace easily.

Video Replacing slats in horizontal window blinds.
Step by step video tutorial showing exactly how to replace damaged or broken slats in horizontal window blinds.

Video Replacing the tilt mechanism in horizontal window blinds.
Step by step video tutorial shows you exactly how to replace a broken tilt mechanism in horizontal slat window blinds.

Document Rollease Clutch Identification
How to determine which type of Rollease clutch is in your roller shade.

Video R-Trac Baton Draw for Ripplefold
How to assemble a R-Trac traverse track using Ripplefold and baton draw.

Video R-Trac Baton Draw with Carriers for Pins
How to assemble a R-trac drapery pin traversing rod with baton draw.

Video Shorten Cordless Blind
How to shorten a Lotus cordless blind.

Video Troubleshooting the Soft Shade Traversing Clutch System for Roman Shades
How to troubleshoot and repair a traverse clutch system for Roman Shades

Video Vinyl Blinds Factory Allowance
Why are my blinds 1/2 inch smaller than the size on the box? Emery explains the factory allowance on boxed mini blinds.

Document Window Blind Glossary
Need to know what inside mount or outside mount means? Check out this glossary of terms related to window blinds.