Curtain Rods DIY How-To and Tips for Decorating

Document  Frequently Asked Questions About Curtain Rods
FAQ page of questions our customers have asked about curtain rods FAQ

Document Arched Rod Custom Template
How to measure for a custom arched rod. Template instructions.

Document Arched Window Treatments
Arched windows can dramatically improve the look of your home. Here are some ideas for making the most of your arched windows and eyebrow windows.

Document Bay Window Treatments
A beautiful bay window can be achieved with many options including shades, blinds, top treatments, curtains and more.

Document Convert Traverse Rod to One-Way Draw
How To Convert Traverse Rod to One-Way Draw: convert a traverse rod

Document Creating Extra Long Curtain Rods
Step-by-step instructions for extending a standard or dauphine (wide-pocket) curtain rod.

Document Curtain and Drapery Terms
Glossary of Drapery Terms

Video Curtain Rod Return and Projection
What does the term return mean? What about projection? What is the difference?

Document Curtain Rods: Wood or Metal?
The right decorative rod can turn up the "wow" volume of your curtains and help achieve the look and feel you want in any room. Wood and metal curtain rods are typical choices, but which one do you go with?

Video Dauphine Rod Tip
Quick tip on shirring wide pocket valances and curtains on a dauphine flat valance rod.

Document Determine Bay Window Rod Width
How to Measure Bay Window. Need to know the best way for measuring bay windows? Step by step instructions for measuring your bay and bow windows.

Document Eyebrow Window Treatments
Eyebrow windows can dramatically improve the look of your home. Here are some ideas for making the most of your arched windows and eyebrow windows.

Document Flexible Ceiling Track Double Wall Mount
What you need to install our flexible curtain track on the wall using our double mount brackets.

Document How Many Curtain Rings Do I Need?
Trying to figure out how many curtain rings to order? We have a guide for you.

Video How to restring a traverse rod
Concise step by step video that shows you exactly how to measure and determine how long a string you will need as well as how to actually do the restringing.

Document Installation Instructions for Ceiling Mounted Cubicle Curtain Tracks
Simple, concise and clear instructions to install your own ceiling mounted cubicle curtain track.

Document Measuring Windows
Chart for measuring window dimensions.

Document Motorized Curtain Tracks and Drapery Rods
Aria Metal H-Rail is combined with R-TEC slim line motors for a complete, fully assembled set that includes all the parts. Custom cut to your exact size.

Document Restringing A Traverse Rod
How To Restring A Traverse Rod

Document Ripplefold Curtains
Learn about ripplefold curtains and drapes. Explanation of butt master and overlap master carriers. Pictures of Aria H-Rail from Rowley.

Document Rod Guidelines
Curtain Rod Measuring - Rod Placement - Calculating Rod Width & Stackback - Glossary of Terms including Returns, Fullness, Overlap, Finished Width & More for Traverse Rod, Café Rod, Curtain Rod

Video Stringing a Traverse Rod
Learn how to string a traversing rod.

Video Traverse Rod Carrier Slides
Tips and information on cord drawn traverse rods including a video on how to replace slides. Detail pictures of cord and carriers.

Video Vesta Techno Topia Cord Track Stringing Video
Take a look at how the Techno Topia extra long traverse curtain track rods are assembled. If you want to understand how they work, this video is for you.

Document Wall or Ceiling Mount Cord Traverse Track Installation
Installation help with Graber Cord Traverse Track 9-990