How Many Curtain Rings Do I Need?

Curtain Rings Curtain rings are like window treatment jewelry. The right ones can add a beautiful touch to complete the look. So how many curtain rings do you need?  The general rule is to place a ring every four to eight inches.  Well, that's still pretty vague.  If your curtain fabric is heavy you need more rings so measure every 4 inches.  If you have light weight curtains, every 8 inches will be sufficient.

Here's the math:

Length of curtain rod in inches / 8 = Minimum number of rings
Length of curtain rod in inches / 4 = Maximum number of rings

4 foot curtain rod: 6-12 rings
6 foot curtain rod: 9-18 rings
8 foot curtain rod: 12-24 rings
10 foot curtain rod: 15-30 rings
12 foot curtain rod: 18-36 rings

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