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Dot Fabric & Polka Dot Fabric

Shop Polka Dot Fabrics for a variety of decorating projects that include draperies, bedding and upholstery. These dot fabrics range in color from brown to black and pink as well as white colors and every other color shade. These dotted fabrics are the perfect choice to create a fun look. The polka dot fabrics offered include a variety of different sizes in these dot fabrics that are offered online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with samples also being available.

Black Polka Dot FabricBlack Polka Dot Fabric
Black Polka Dot Fabric
Black Polka Dot Fabric for drapery and upholstery use can be found in this great offering featuring black dot fabric. Create a buzz with this selection of black polka dot fabrics in eye popping color combinations that will make your projects stand out.
Brown Polka Dot FabricBrown Polka Dot Fabric
Brown Polka Dot Fabric
Brown Polka Dot Fabric for drapery and upholstery use can be found in these brown dot fabrics.
Pink Polka Dot FabricPink Polka Dot Fabric
Pink Polka Dot Fabric
Pink Polka Dot Fabric for quilting, drapery and upholstery use can be found in these polka dot fabrics which offer color combinations of pink in bold and vibrant to soft and dainty pink.
Polka Dot FabricPolka Dot Fabric
Polka Dot Fabric
Polka Dot Fabric also commonly called Dot Fabric is offered in thee quilting, drapery and upholstery fabric choices. Have a ball in this huge selection of polka dot fabrics that feature patterns from tiny dot fabric to huge polka dot fabric choices. Here you will find your favorite colors that range from pink polka dot to black polka dot, white polka dot, brown polka dot fabric and more.