Designer Fabrics

Shop and buy Desinger Fabrics online by the yard at discount prices with quick shipping and with designer fabric samples being available, unsurpassed customer service. Choose from unique high end designer upholstery fabric to designer fabrics for draperies, window treatments and curtains that offer the high-end designer look you want in your home's decor. Here you will find luxurious couture fabrics from world class designer lines such as Ralph Lauren, Jab, Bailey & Griffin, Zimmer & Rohde, Highland Court, Clarke and Clarke, Beacon Hill, Thibaut, Scalamandre and Schumacher along with many other high end designer fabric lines.
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Alexa Hampton Mallorca Fabric
Alexa Hampton Mallorca >
Kravet Fabrics Alexa Hampton Mallorca features designer upholstery fabrics that offer gorgeous patterns such as embroidery lattice scrollwork, a large repeat ethnic floral, coordinating woven solids, a botanical foliage ogee, modern stripes and a geometric stripe velvet fabric among other great looking pattern designs.

Alexa Hampton Mallorca

Altea by Alhambra Fabric
Altea by Alhambra >
Scalamandre Fabrics Altea by Alhambra double width textiles inspired by the beauty of Spain.

Altea by Alhambra

Amara 9132 Fabric
Amara 9132 >
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Amara 9132 offers woven drapery fabric and upholstery fabric with some of the patterns being embroidered as well as some with special woven highlights that will give your homes decor a designer look.

Amara 9132

American Mid Century Florals Fabric
American Mid Century Florals >
Ralph Lauren Fabrics American Mid Century Florals features lots and lots of floral fabrics with some coordinating accent striped fabrics for drapery and upholstery use.

American Mid Century Florals

Andrew Martin Anthem Fabric
Andrew Martin Anthem >
These Kravet Fabrics offer a lean toward the wild side - animal prints and contemporary patterns with hints of animal prints along with tone on tone coordinating solid fabrics can be found in the Anthem designer drapery fabrics and upholstery fabrics by designer Andrew Martin.

Andrew Martin Anthem

Andrew Martin Casablanca Fabric
Andrew Martin Casablanca >
Kravet Wallpaper Andrew Martin Casablanca

Andrew Martin Casablanca

Andrew Martin Garden Path Fabric
Andrew Martin Garden Path >
Kravet Fabrics Andrew Martin Garden Path

Andrew Martin Garden Path

Andrew Martin Gobi Fabric
Andrew Martin Gobi >
Kravet Fabrics Andrew Martin Gobi features designer drapery and upholstery fabrics that include modern pattern choices such as geometric chevron zigzags, fine stripes, an ethnic design and a novelty pattern featuring elephants.

Andrew Martin Gobi



Andrew Martin Kit Kemp Fabric
Andrew Martin Kit Kemp >
Kravet Fabrics Andrew Martin Kit Kemp offers designer drapery fabric and upholstery fabric with designs that include novelty prints of foxes and trees, a tree pattern with an Oriental feel, polka dots, botanical foliage, Native American Indians with deer and kachinas, along with an early Americana design.

Andrew Martin Kit Kemp

Andrew Martin Salento                                                                                Fabric
Andrew Martin Salento >
Kravet Fabrics Andrew Martin Salento

Andrew Martin Salento

Archival Traveler Fabric
Archival Traveler >
Ralph Lauren Fabrics Archival Traveler features patterns that reflect the global lifestyle. This assortment of iconic Ralph Lauren eclectic patterns that combine rustic stripes, wild animal prints and geometric motifs.

Archival Traveler

Artiste De La Mer Fabric
Artiste De La Mer >
The Artiste De La Mer drapery and upholstery fabrics by Ralph Lauren features a chic seaside palette of red, bright blue and crisp white showcased by washed batik prints, ticking stripes and artful embroidered details. Featuring rustic linen and ultrasoft cotton, these textural Ralph Lauren Fabrics embodies an eclectic spirit and carefree attitude.

Artiste De La Mer

Barbara Barry Ojai Fabric
Barbara Barry Ojai >
Kravet Fabrics Barbara Barry Ojai

Barbara Barry Ojai

Bassett Mcnab The Archives Wovens Fabric
Bassett Mcnab The Archives Wovens >
Stout Fabrics Bassett Mcnab Wovens

Bassett Mcnab The Archives Wovens

Belle Jardin Collection Fabric
Belle Jardin Collection >
Scalamandre Fabrics Belle Jardin drapery fabric and upholstery fabrics lets you choose from 100% silk to 100% cotton and a range of other blends in coordinating solids, patterns featuring lattice, wonderful checks, stripes, ferns, bright animal patterns, blooming florals, and some wonderful textures.

Belle Jardin Collection

Black And White Fabric
Black And White >
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Black and White drapery and upholstery fabrics were inspired by a trip to Morocco. Choose fabrics with patterns such as trellis, tile, and mosaics in bold geometric styles in these modern styled fabrics.

Black And White

Bond Street Fabric
Bond Street >
Bond Street by Ralph Lauren Fabrics offers drapery and upholstery fabrics in black and cream wool houndstooth, classic green tartan, black and white wool check and other classic styles.

Bond Street

Botanica Fabric
Botanica >
Scalamandre Fabrics Botanica features designer drapery fabrics and upholstery fabrics in bodacious florals, embroidered vining willows, embroidered serpentine small leaves, large repeat florals and damasks, pomperts, scrolling ivy, geometrics and other great drapery fabric and upholstery fabrics in small to extra large pattern repeats.


Botanica Fabric 9154
Botanica Fabric 9154 >
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Botanica Fabric 9154 offers a unique collection of designer drapery fabric and upholstery fabric in modern patterns that feature hand drawn aqueous paper marbling, shimmering ferns and beetles, butterflies and painted florals in luxurious satin and embroidered details.

Botanica Fabric 9154

Botanical Wonders Fabric
Botanical Wonders Fabric >
Clarke & Clarke Fabrics Botanical Wonders Fabric

Botanical Wonders Fabric

Breeze Fabric
Breeze >
Grey Watkins Fabrics Breeze in conjunction with Scalamandre offers drapery and upholstery fabrics with patterns featuring embroidered coral, palm trees, embroidered meadows and willow weaves, honeycombs, birch trees, coordinating ikats and everything wonderful about the fresh breeze Spring brings in.


Calico And Mini Prints Fabric
Calico And Mini Prints >
Ralph Lauren Fabrics Calico And Mini Prints includes drapery fabric and accent upholstery fabric in embroidered patterns, 100% linen, 100% cotton, rayon and blends for giving your home a designer look.

Calico And Mini Prints

Calvin Klein                                                                              Fabric
Calvin Klein >
Another great team !! Designer Calvin Klein and Kravet have come together to offer unique looking patterns in a variety of choices that will make your home look like no other. The Neutral colors found in these drapery and upholstery fabrics feature designs that include a mixture of unusual stripes, foliage, starbursts and quilted diamond patterns along with coordinating solids and more.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Home Fabric
Calvin Klein Home >
Kravet Fabric Calvin Klein Home features a mix of glorious designer drapery fabrics and upholstery fabrics that feature wonderful modern looks.

Calvin Klein Home

Camel Book Fabric
Camel Book >
Ralph Lauren Fabric Camel Book is not really about camels, it's about the finery they bring to market in their neutral color of camel! These exquisitely designed fabrics are offered in 100% silk, 100% linen, 100% flax, 100% cotton, 92% Lambswool and all sorts of blends in designs ranging from herringbone to lambswool geometrics, and solids galore. These designer fabrics offer choices for drapery and upholstery use.

Camel Book

Candice Olson Collection Fabric
Candice Olson Collection >
Kravet Fabrics offers over 400 patterns in these Candice Olson drapery and upholstery fabrics in a wonderful assortment that has some great looking color choices. Patterns include paisleys, florals, stripes, diagonal trellis, scrolls, leaves, damask looks and unusual animal prints along with coordinating solids and lots more. Indulge yourself with these designer fabrics that have some interesting designs that you won't find elsewhere.

Candice Olson Collection

Caravan Stripes Fabric
Caravan Stripes >
Ralph Lauren Fabrics Caravan Stripes designer fabrics for drapery and upholstery use features vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, broken stripes and coordinated solid colored patterns that are offered in a great mix of color choices.

Caravan Stripes

Celerie Kemble Prints and Wovens Fabric
Celerie Kemble Prints and Wovens >
Designer Celerie Kemble and Schumacher Fabric brings a look of modern Prints and Woven fabrics for bedding, draperies and upholstery. Choose from textiles that feature lovely moire, ikat, chenilles and geometric designs in a wonderful palette of colors for your home.

Celerie Kemble Prints and Wovens

Cerillos Fabric
Cerillos >
Ralph Lauren Fabrics Cerillos, the Spanish word to mill offers woven coordinated solid colored patterns, heavy woven textures, horizontal and vertical stripes and other great looking designer fabrics for drapery and upholstery use.


Chinois Chic Fabric
Chinois Chic >
Scalamandre Fabrics Chinois Chic offers designer Chinoiserie styled drapery fabrics and upholstery fabrics in several variations of a lattice porcelain weave, variation of a Greek key, Royal peony linen stripe, a dragon dance pattern, dragon medallions an Asian embroidered surat and an Oriental cirrus cut velvet damask design.

Chinois Chic

Classic Prints and Wovens Fabric
Classic Prints and Wovens >
The Classic Prints and Wovens by Schumacher Fabric offers these luxurious designer fabrics that are inspired by exotic antique textiles and patterns gathered from sources around the world. Over scaled paisleys, bold animal skin designs, plush chenilles and shimmering silk weaves inspired by Ottoman textiles blend together in a palette infused with color. Metallic and distressed effects add patina to classic Italian damask fabrics, giving a new twist to a traditional European design.

Classic Prints and Wovens

Classics Fabric
Classics >
Old World Weavers Fabrics Classics offers sumptuous floral fabrics with large to huge pattern repeats in 100% silks and other fine blends for the most discriminating decorator.


Classics Lake Side Fabric
Classics Lake Side >
Classics Lake Side by Highland Court features both drapery and upholstery fabrics in a great mix of coordinating pattern choices.

Classics Lake Side

Clements Ribeiro Fabric
Clements Ribeiro >
Schumacher Fabrics Clements Ribeiro

Clements Ribeiro

Colony 9129 Fabric
Colony 9129 >
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Colony 9129 designer drapery fabrics and upholstery fabrics offer a wide variety of patterns featuring everything from colorful toiles to spring bouquets of flowers, harlequin diamonds, damasks, modern undulating horizontal stripes, tropical leaves, pineapples, lattice fretwork, vertical stripes and more.

Colony 9129

Corey Damen Jenkins Trad Nouveau                                                                     Fabric
Corey Damen Jenkins Trad Nouveau >
Kravet Wallpaper Corey Damen Jenkins Trad Nouveau

Corey Damen Jenkins Trad Nouveau

Country Vintage Fabric
Country Vintage >
From linen florals to a true patchwork fabric, these coutry style fabrics bring the look you want with the quality you deserve. Country Vintage features Americana fabrics in classic shades of red, white and authentic indigo blue for drapery and upholstery use.

Country Vintage

David Phoenix Well Suited Fabric
David Phoenix Well Suited >
Kravet Fabrics David Phoenix Well Suited features a wonderful mix of designer upholstery fabrics in coordinating colors on patterns that include plaids, stripes, herringbone, geometric tiles, paisleys, woven textures, and classic damasks.

David Phoenix Well Suited

Delta Studio G 9159 Fabric
Delta Studio G 9159 >
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Delta Studio G 9159 features a modern collection of designer drapery fabrics and upholstery fabrics in decorative weaves that offer designs such as Ikats, geometrics along with a masculine woven solid colored fabric in seven colors, from lively spice and raspberry, violet and soft blue to neutral hues of charcoal and smoke.

Delta Studio G 9159

Diane Von Furstenberg Signature Fabric
Diane Von Furstenberg Signature >
Kravet Fabrics and designer Diane Von Furstenberg bring you The Signature drapery and upholstery fabrics. Diane has taken some traditional looks and given them a very modern twist with wonderful colorations that will make them a great addition to your homes decor. Whether it be leopard prints, contemporary squiggles, broken geometric diamond shapes or a unique zebra variation you'll find it here. Batik dots, microsuede solids, herringbone and snakeskin are also offered. Take a look and see what all the designers are talking about.

Diane Von Furstenberg Signature

Dorset Coast Fabric
Dorset Coast >
Old World Weavers Fabrics Dorset Coast offers both designer drapery and upholstery fabric in patterns ranging from small twinning branches or foliage, tropical birds, chinoisserie, a horizontal wood grain design, tribal geometrics, lattice, small checks and coordinating solid color choices.

Dorset Coast

Elana Gabrielle Sunbloom Fabric
Elana Gabrielle Sunbloom >
PK Lifestyles Fabrics Elana Gabrielle Sunbloom

Elana Gabrielle Sunbloom

Essentiel by Lelievre Fabric
Essentiel by Lelievre >
Scalamandre Fabrics Essentiel by Lelievre

Essentiel by Lelievre

Etna by Alhambra Fabric
Etna by Alhambra >
Alhambra Etna is inspired by the Medirerranean active volcano Etna. Warm and inviting colors paired with natural textiles.

Etna by Alhambra

Expressions Fabric
Expressions >
Designer Fabrics from the Gentry Expressions features exclusive Wesco fabrics that are top of the line. Gorgeous ethnic patterns, coordinating upholstery fabrics, embroidered ikats and lovely faux silk emboridery for drapery panels.


Grey Watkins Trimmings and Fabric FOLKLORE


Gaston Algo De Jaime Wallpaper and Fabric
Gaston Algo De Jaime Wallpaper and Fabric >
Gaston y Daniella Wallpaper Gaston Algo De Jaime

Gaston Algo De Jaime Wallpaper and Fabric

GASTON JAPON                                                                                         Fabric
Gaston y Daniella Fabrics GASTON JAPON


Gaston Libreria Fabric
Gaston Libreria >
Kravet Fabrics Gaston Libreria by Gaston y Daniela offers a large designer fabric choice in drapery fabrics and upholstery fabrics as well as outdoor fabrics with wonderful pattern choices in a large coordinated fabric collection that has something for everyone's decorating taste.

Gaston Libreria

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Designer Fabrics are the high end fabrics by designers that offer unique exclusive looks that are often highly recognizable because of their creator's style. These fabrics are also made of higher quality textiles and their designs are typically timeless. Also known as haute couture which is the creation of exclusive fabrics by a fashion designer.