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Novelty Fabrics & Hobby Fabrics

Shop novelty fabrics featuring a variety of different print patterns that include themes such as tattoo, skull, travel, beach, food, pin ups, John Deere and words along with other fun prints. These hobby fabrics are great for curtains, pillow covers, upholstery and other crafty ideas. Buy novelty fabrics online by the yard at discount prices with novelty fabric samples also being available, quick shipping and unsurpassed customer service.

Automobile FabricsAutomobile Fabrics
Automobile Fabrics
Automobile Fabrics for those wanting planes, trains or cars can be found in this grouping of discount priced novelty and hobby fabrics featuring transportation themes. Available online by the yard from a variety of manufacturers these budget priced fabrics will get you where you want to go. Samples are also available
Beach FabricsBeach Fabrics
Beach Fabrics
This grouping of beach fabrics from an array of manufacturers offers the look of the beach in a variety of patterns that will bring the feel of the beach to your home. These discount priced fun and relaxing fabrics feature seashells on the sand, to seahorses in the sea and sailboats on the waters. These beach themed fabrics are suitable for a variety of uses that include curtains, drapery, bedding and upholstery along with a number of other decorative purposes. These beach fabrics are available from budget to the mid price range and are offered by the yard and with samples also being available.
Fashion FabricsFashion Fabrics
Fashion Fabrics
Fashion Fabrics in an array of fun novelty fabrics will liven up any room. These discount priced hobby and hobby fabrics from a variety of manufacturers feature fashion, design and style and are available by the yard. Samples also available.
Food and Drink FabricsFood and Drink Fabrics
Food and Drink Fabrics
Food and Drink Fabrics offer an array of fabrics that look quite tasty. This group of discount priced hobby and novelty fabrics featuring food prints and drink prints are offered online by the yard at discount prices with samples also being available.
John Deere FabricJohn Deere Fabric
John Deere Fabric
John Deere Fabric has rolled tractors onto their fabrics for your decorating pleasure. These hard to find John Deere fabrics are great for a number of decorating uses. John Deere Fabric is available online by the yard at discount prices with samples also being available.
Mexican FabricMexican Fabric
Mexican Fabric
Mexican Fabric and Latino Fabric featuring bold and vibrant latin themes from an array of manufacturers will have you ready for your next fiesta. Available online by the yard and full of personality, these budget priced Mexican fabrics are great for drapery, bedding and upholstery applications and will bring a unique flare to your next project.
Miscellaneous Novelty FabricsMiscellaneous Novelty Fabrics
Miscellaneous Novelty Fabrics
Novelty Fabric & Hobby Fabric from a variety of manufacturers can be found in a group of fabrics featuring miscellaneous themes.
People and Character FabricPeople and Character Fabric
People and Character Fabric
People and Character Fabric featuring themed fabrics from an array of manufactures is available online by the yard at discount prices. This group of novelty and hobby fabrics are great for all your decorating needs.
Pin Up FabricPin Up Fabric
Pin Up Fabric
Pin Up Fabric to jazz up your next room design with one of these flirty pin up patterns from one of our discounted sexy prints. These budget minded patterns from a variety of manufacturers are available by the yard and are great for bedding, drapery and upholstery uses. Samples are available
Skull FabricsSkull Fabrics
Skull Fabrics
Skull Fabrics are great when you are looking for alternative and funky for your teen or something a little edgy for yourself, this grouping of skull fabrics is where you'll find it. This array of discount priced skull fabric offers everything from the traditional black and white to funky bright pinks, blues, greens and other wild mixes of color. These skull fabrics are all budget concious and are suitable for your hobby, quilting and novelty fabric needs and are available online by the yard with samples also being offered.
Stars and Stripes FabricStars and Stripes Fabric
Stars and Stripes Fabric
Buy American Fabric and Stars & Stripes Fabric that includes a wide variety of fabrics with patriotic themes. Choose from designs that include flags, Lady Liberty, stars and other patriotic patterns for quilting, drapery and upholstery use.
Tattoo FabricTattoo Fabric
Tattoo Fabric
Tattoo Fabrics and any thing tattoo is becoming such an obsession. From Ed Hardy to Kat Von D to the guys at Miami Ink, tattoos and anything related have never been more popular. Tattoo fabrics in an array of flash designs from a variety of manufacturers is what you will find here. Discounted tattoo fabrics offer everything from from skulls to tigers and all at a budget price price point.
Travel FabricsTravel Fabrics
Travel Fabrics
Travel Fabrics for quilting, hobby and craft needs includes drapery and upholstery fabrics with patterns of travel and vacation. Remember Paris or Venice, the Pacific islands, scenes from the southwest or view maps of far away places. These travel fabrics have it all, discount prices, samples and fabrics that are available by the yard. Travel Fabric samples are also available
Word FabricsWord Fabrics
Word Fabrics
Fabric with Words including French Script Fabric and Letter Fabric. Samuel Johnson once said, Words are but the signs of ideas. Whether expressing an undying love or telling of the trip of a lifetime let these elegant scripted word fabrics for hobby, quilting as well as drapery and upholstery from a variety of manufacturers will speak for themselves in your room or space.
Novelty fabrics and hobby fabrics are designed to be fun and to reflect your hobbies and personality. These novelty fabrics are excellent for pillow covers or curtains. Decorate your hobby room or den with bright and fun novelty fabrics.