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Vinyl Fabric

Shop and buy Vinyl Fabric online of every kind, from every major vinyl fabric manufacturer by the yard at discount prices. Vinyl fabric samples are also available. If you're looking for a Vinyl Fabric for upholstery be it residential, commercial, marine or for automotive use we have the vinyl fabric choices for you. You can also buy sparkle vinyl with the retro look, to clear vinyl used as table cloths and furniture upholstery protection. You might want a faux leather vinyl fabric with that real leather look or patent leather to so much more. Surprisingly enough, vinyl fabric has been around since 1920. The word vinyl is derived from its full name, polyvinylchloride or PVC. It is also referred to as faux leather or fake leather, sometimes even pleather. Vinyl fabric resembles the look of leather but is much less expensive and easier to mold and handle. Some draw backs to the fabric, it does not breathe like leather, nor does it have the durability of leather. Vinyl fabric does however, prove flawless as decorative wallcoverings, upholstery, flooring and even pillows.
If you like vinyl fabric you should also check out the faux leather section.
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Animal Vinyl FabricAnimal Vinyl Fabric
Animal Vinyl Fabric
Shop Animal Vinyl Fabric for upholstery use in a variety of interesting and unique animal patterns and imitation skin prints for your decorating pleasure. These vinyl animal fabrics are offered online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices.
Automotive Vinyls FabricAutomotive Vinyls
Automotive Vinyls Fabric
Automotive Vinyl Fabric available by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with samples also being offered. Leather look vinyls for upholstery use in automotive, marine and other outdoor applications are available in the Charlotte Fabric faux leathers. These leather look vinyls are the perfect choice for upholstery when redoing your auto and are also great for marine use.
Clear Vinyl FabricClear Vinyl
Clear Vinyl Fabric
These Clear Vinyl Fabrics offer both clear vinyl as well as tinted vinyl in 4 fun colors that are available by the yard. Clear vinyl can be used for a variety of projects including upholstery and tablecloth covers, patio and greenhouse covers, golf cart and boat protectors, matress protectors, shower curtain liners and more. Clear Vinyl ranging from 40-Gauge to 4-Gauge by the yard or by the bolt for all of your project needs. The Tinted Clear Vinyl is available in a 10 gauge weight in pink, blue, green and yellow.
College Tablecloth FabricCollege Tablecloth
College Tablecloth Fabric
Easy care and wipe-clean conventience makes college vinyl tablecloths a great way to display team spirit.

Use for tailgate parties, picnics or an excellent choice for porch and patio dining.

Commercial Vinyl FabricCommercial Vinyl
Commercial Vinyl Fabric
Commercial Vinyl includes vinyl fabrics suitable for commercial upholstery use and are perfect for restaurants, hotels, offices and more. All of these commercial vinyl upholstery fabrics are offered by the yard or bolt and discount priced with samples also being available.

Discount Vinyls FabricDiscount Vinyls
Discount Vinyls Fabric
The Discount Vinyls offered in this selection feature a large offering of budget priced vinyl fabrics in variety of colors, designs and styles. From clear vinyl to baby vinyl, along with solids and leather looks these vinyls are the perfect choice for your upholstery needs.

Leather Look Vinyl FabricLeather Look Vinyl
Leather Look Vinyl Fabric
These faux leather fabrics are great for anyone who wants the look and feel of real leather but are working on a budget. With over 800 selections the Leather Look Vinyl is available in gator, crocodile, lizard, solids and other great looks with a rainbow of colors being offered. The leather look vinyls are available by the yard and are discount priced with samples being available.
Marine and Auto Vinyl FabricMarine and Auto Vinyl
Marine and Auto Vinyl Fabric
Marine and Automobile Fabrics need to meet special requirements due to the abuse they endure both environmentally and physically. Let's break this down for you. We'll start with Automobile Fabrics. These fabrics need to be physically tough, tear and fade resistant, have long wearing properties, and be treated to resist spills. Marine Fabrics also need these characteristics, but because of their exposure to the elements like direct sunlight, fresh and saltwater spray, and even fishing hooks, need to be even tougher. This why you can use both vinyls and polyester weaves for automobile upholstery, but should use only the best grades of vinyl for Marine upholstery. Because of the constant exposure of Marine upholstery materials to wetness, they must also be highly mildew resistant. Because of Marine upholstery fabrics constant exposure to direct sunlight, it should be the most fade resistant possible. All of the products in this section are of the highest quality. Be sure to thoroughly read the description for the fabric you are considering to be sure it meets the requirements for where and how you plan to use it. You can always call us if you have any questions.
Patent Leather FabricPatent Leather
Patent Leather Fabric
Patent Leather Vinyl features vinyl fabric with the shiny look of patent leather and is offered by the yard at unbeatable discount prices. Samples of the patent leather fabric is also available. Patent leather's shiny slick surface is great for upholstery and other home decor projects and is offered in a range of assorted colors.

Patterned Embossed Vinyl FabricPatterned Embossed Vinyl
Patterned Embossed Vinyl Fabric
Embossed and Patterned Vinyls include upholstery fabrics with patterns like stripes, textures, diamonds, wood grain and other styles.
Solid Color Vinyl FabricSolid Color Vinyl
Solid Color Vinyl Fabric
Buy Solid Color Vinyl Fabric in a wide range of solid colors for upholstery, pillows and outdoor living areas. Choose from different price ranges to vinyl fabrics in different durability and softness, all in solid colors.
Sparkle FabricSparkle
Sparkle Fabric
Sparkle Vinyl brings you the retro look with these shiny sparkle vinyls that are offered in an assortment of colors that are the perfect choice for your upholstery needs and available by the yard with samples being offered and discount priced.
54" Wide
Traditional Tablecloth FabricTraditional Tablecloth
Traditional Tablecloth Fabric
Vinyl Tablecloth Fabric offered in a great selection of traditional printed vinyl fabrics that are the perfect choice for making tablecloths come are featured in a varity of colors and patterns.
Marine Vinyl                             FabricMarine Vinyl
Marine Vinyl                             Fabric
Marine Vinyl at a discount price for the budget minded boater. This great selection of marine vinyl fabrics are perfect for upholstery use in a marine setting.
Adrenaline FabricAdrenaline
Adrenaline Fabric
Morbern Vinyl Adrenaline offers 4 unique modern pattern choices in a marine vinyl fabric that is offered in 46 colorways.
All American FabricAll American
All American Fabric
Naugahyde Fabrics All American Classic flame retardant vinyl fabric.
Allsport FabricAllsport
Allsport Fabric
Morbern Vinyl Allsport features a smooth bubbly texture in 11 vibrant colors in a vinyl fabric for upholstery use that is made of a soft vinyl face with a 100% polyester backing.
Allsport FabricAllsport
Allsport Fabric
Allsport by Charlotte Fabrics offers vinyl upholstery fabrics that are heavy duty for outdoor use as well as indoor upholstery fabric needs.
Americana FabricAmericana
Americana Fabric
Futura Textiles Americana offers marine vinyl upholstery fabrics in a grainy texture in 23 colorways that is extra heavy duty being rated at 500,000 double rubs.
Apollo FabricApollo
Apollo Fabric
The Futura Textiles Apollo offers marine vinyl fabric that are also perfect for golf carts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, tractors, automotive and rv as well as home and commercial upholstery use. Featuring a 4 way stretch for excellent upholstery coverage these marine vinyl fabrics come in a contemporary color line that offers 9 great looking colorways. These vinyl fabrics are made of 100% virgin vinyl that is heavy duty having passed a 50,000 Wyzenback cycle test as well as being UFAC Class 1 fire retardant.
Atlantis FabricAtlantis
Atlantis Fabric
Futura Textiles Atlantis features marine vinyl upholstery fabrics with a faux leather look in 26 colorways. These marine vinyl fabrics are made of a 100% virgin vinyl face with a 100% polyester backing for long lasting heavy duty upholstery use.
Auto Revolution FabricAuto Revolution
Auto Revolution Fabric
Futura Textiles Auto Revolution offers some great looking automotive vinyl upholstery fabrics in 41 color choices.
Auto Revolution
Automotive Vinyl FabricAutomotive Vinyl
Automotive Vinyl Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Automotive Vinyl specializes in heavy duty vinyl fabrics for automotive use. Choose from automotive vinyl to headliner in exceedling heavy duty vinyl fabrics that with stand 222,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs (which is very heavy duty and long lasting), for great looks when doing your cars interior. All are soap and water cleanable and pass UFAC Class 1 fire ratings.
Automotive Vinyl
Breathables IV FabricBreathables IV
Breathables IV Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Breathables IV
Breathables IV
Celebrity FabricCelebrity
Celebrity Fabric
High fashion does not have to be reserved for the runways, with Celebrity, you can also have it on your own furnishings. These vinyl fabrics by Silver State were inspired by real leather hides of exotic and mysterious animals, as well as modern industrial metal looks. The patterns in this vinyl collection reflect elements of nature such as grasscloth, linen and even woven Crepe from fabric.
City Slicker FabricCity Slicker
City Slicker Fabric
Lady Ann Fabrics City Slicker upholstery fabrics features an assortment of upholstery weight vinyl fabrics available in 35 luscious designer fabrics. These vinyls pass 30,000 double rubs making them suitable for even heavy duty upholstery applications. These vinyl fabrics are discount priced for the budget minded decorator.
City Slicker
Contract Vinyl FabricContract Vinyl
Contract Vinyl Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Contract Vinyl upholstery fabrics offers two great patterns in a myriad of colorways that include one solid pattern and one pattern that features a very modern geometric design. These vinyl upholstery fabrics are contract duty and rated at 200,000 double rubs as well as being UFAC Class 1 Fire Retardant.
Contract Vinyl
Cool Classics FabricCool Classics
Cool Classics Fabric
Silver State Fabrics Cool Classics offers heavy duty vinyl fabrics that are rated between 100,000 and 500,000 double rubs. All of these vinyl upholstery fabrics are UFAC Class 1 fire rated having passed the strictest fire codes. Offered in a variety of pattern choices these vinyl fabrics are easy to clean and look great.
Decorative Vinyl II FabricDecorative Vinyl II
Decorative Vinyl II Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Decorative Vinyl II stain resistant and easy to clean performance vinlyls for upholstery. Home and Contract.
Decorative Vinyl II
Easy Rider II FabricEasy Rider II
Easy Rider II Fabric
Hospitality, Contract and Residential faux leather fabrics for upholstery can be found in Maxwell Fabrics Easy Rider II. Some of these faux leather upholstery fabrics have a wipeable finish while others have Writer's Block Ink Resistant Technology.
Easy Rider II
Easy Rider III FabricEasy Rider III
Easy Rider III Fabric
Maxwell Fabrics Easy Rider III offers faux leather made from 100% PVC to 100% Polyurethane in choices that are rated between 100,000 to 300,000 double rubs and are UFAC Class 1 fire retardant.
Easy Rider III
Easy Rider IV FabricEasy Rider IV
Easy Rider IV Fabric
Maxwell Fabrics Easy Rider IV offers 3 different pattern choices in a faux leather vinyl upholstery fabric in 50 different colors. These vinyl upholstery fabrics are heavy duty at 100,000 double rub test rating and also fire retardant being UFAC Class 1.
Easy Rider IV
Easy Rider V FabricEasy Rider V
Easy Rider V Fabric
The Maxwell Fabrics Easy Rider V will have you talking about heavy duty as these vinyl upholstery fabrics are rated at 200,000 to 250,000 double rubs and are UFAC Class 1 fire retardant. These vinyl fabrics offer designs with a nubbly fabric look to a unique modern pattern in tone on tone colors, a stitched diamond pattern, a faux leather with a fine reptile skin look and a woven linen look all in vinyl fabrics made from 100% PVC.
Easy Rider V
Easy Rider VII FabricEasy Rider VII
Easy Rider VII Fabric
Maxwell Fabrics Easy Rider VII
Easy Rider VII
Europatex Vinyl FabricEuropatex Vinyl Fabric
Europatex Vinyl Fabric
Europatex vinyl upholstery fabric features a metallic sheen and a zebra effect pattern in a durable 40,000 double rub vinyl fabric.
Europatex Vinyl Fabric
Exotics II FabricExotics II
Exotics II Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Exotics II includes commercial grade vinyl upholstery fabrics. From ostrich dots to crocodile skins, this water cleanable heavy duty fire retardant fabric collection has the exotic animal look you want.
Exotics II
Flexa FabricFlexa
Flexa Fabric
Maxwell Fabrics Flexa Silicone with polyester backing in many colors. 200,000 double rubs and passes CAL 117-213 and NFPA 260
Fortitude FabricFortitude
Fortitude Fabric
Coco Classics Performance Vinyl for commercial and residential projects. RM Coco Fabrics Fortitude Passes NFPA 260 UFAC Class 1 CAL-117
Knockout FabricKnockout
Knockout Fabric
The Morbern Vinyl Knockout features a lightly textured vinyl fabric in a range of colorways with a 100% polyester backing. These vinyl fabrics are rated at 30,000 double rubs and are Class A UFAC Class 1 fire retardant.
Marine Revolution FabricMarine Revolution
Marine Revolution Fabric
Futura Textiles Marine Revolution offers 4 unique pattern choices in Caprina Island, Palm Island, Carbon Fiber and Venice Island. These marine vinyl fabrics are offered in 77 color choices that are all rated at 50,000 double rubs with their face being made of 100% virgin vinyl and the backing being made of 100% polyester.
Marine Revolution
Marine Revolution FabricMarine Revolution
Marine Revolution Fabric
It's a revolution in marine vinyl fabrics with these heavy duty marine vinyl and auto vinyl fabrics. Offered by the yard and discount priced the Marine Revolution vinyl marine fabrics also have samples available. Besides the great colors and textures that are offered, these marine vinyl's are also waterproof, fire retardant and anti microbial. Besides being the perfect vinyl fabric choice for marine applications, it is also suitable for residential and contract seating as well as outdoor furniture upholstery.
Marine Vinyl                                                                                         FabricMarine Vinyl
Marine Vinyl                                                                                         Fabric
Pindler Fabrics Marine Vinyl
Marine Vinyl
Marine Vinyl FabricMarine Vinyl
Marine Vinyl Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Marine Vinyl
Marine Vinyl
On The Go FabricOn The Go
On The Go Fabric
Shop Stout Fabrics On The Go vinyl upholstery fabrics that feature solid color choices with a faux leather look in an extremely durable vinyl fabric.
On The Go
Outdoor Marine Vinyl FabricOutdoor Marine Vinyl
Outdoor Marine Vinyl Fabric
For a leather look in a 100% PVC vinyl outdoor or marine upholstery fabric you need to check out the Novel Fabrics Outdoor Marine Vinyl collection.
Outdoor Marine Vinyl
Polaris FabricPolaris
Polaris Fabric
Futura Textiles Polaris is what you have been looking for if it's sparkly and glitter retro vinyl upholstery fabric your after in 17 dazzling colorways. These sparkle vinyl fabrics have a 100% virgin vinyl face with a 100% polyester backing and will withstand a heavy duty 50,000 double rubs.
Runabout FabricRunabout
Runabout Fabric
Futura Textiles Runabout offers 5 color choices in a marine vinyl upholstery fabric that has a faux leather look and is made of a 100% virgin vinyl face with a 100% polyester backing that withstands 50,000 double rubs.
Spectrum FabricSpectrum
Spectrum Fabric
Futura Textiles Spectrum vinyl upholstery fabrics offer a light cowhide grain look in 22 color choices.
Staples Vinyls FabricStaples Vinyls
Staples Vinyls Fabric
Metallic crocodile embossed vinyls, quilted vinyls and solid leather look vinyls are perfect for any upholstery project. From extravagant to timeless, the Staples Vinyl fabric collection has you covered.
Staples Vinyls
The Port FabricThe Port
The Port Fabric
The Port fabric collection features durable marine and automotive vinyl fabrics for residential or commercial upholstery use. These vinyl upholstery fabrics are offered in a mix of 55 color choices that are flame resistant, uv stabilized, mildew resistant, anti bacterial and anti microbial treated and oil and sulfide stain resistant.
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