Ripplefold Drapery Panels

Ripplefold Drapery Panels
Create the look you want for your windows with ripplefold drapery panels made to your exact specifications.
  • Ripplefold panels are available unlined, lined or self-lined.
  • Available with 80%, 100% and 120% FullnessRipplefold Fullness Chart
  • Flat panel with Snap Tape sewn onto back at the top
  • Panels are sized to flat width hemmed as per Kirsch charts based on rod width. Shop Kirsch Ripplefold Rods >
  • Return size is 2 1/2"
  • 4" double-turned bottom hem, blindstitched
  • 1 1/2" double-turned side hems, blindstitched
  • Clear or smoke monofilament thread
  • Overlap Master Carrier
    Overlap Master Carrier
    Butt Master Carrier
    Butt Master Carrier
  • Laminated 1 oz. weights used in the hem
  • Finished length includes all options. Finished length is the actual flat length of the drapery from the top to the bottom, including headings and other options.
  • Pattern matched at seams from bottom up
  • 1/2" tolerance in finished width and length per panel
  • Seams may be visible
  • Shipping costs will be included in quote.

How to Measure Your Window(s)
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Curtain/Drapery Panel Details

80%, 100% or 120% -100% is most common.

What you need to know about ordering Ripplefold Drapery Panels
Recommendations only.
First measure your window.

Read more about how ripplefold draperies function >
Rod Face Width
•Rod should extend 4" on each side of the window to acheive privacy.
•For panels to clear the window, calculate stackback of the drapery by adding 40% of your window size to determine your new rod face width. For example, if your window is 50" wide: 50 x 40% = 20 so 50 + 20 = 70" wide. Of course, thinner fabrics need less room while thicker/heavier fabrics may need a little more.
•The projection from the wall to the front of the rod. Kirsch ripplefold rods normally have a 2.5" return.
Finished Length
Ripplefold Rods - measure from the bottom of the rod.

•Standard lining choices are B-line, Challis, and Crest and are included in lined price. Click here for Drapery Lining FAQ >
Interlining, FR and Blackout linings are available for an up charge.

Kasmir Drapery Linings

•Fullness: More fullness equates to more fabric used. To show more of the pattern, use less fullness. Use more fullness for a lighter weight fabric and less for heavier fabrics.

•Available options include applied trims, horizontal and vertical bandings, pillowcased hems, ruffles, attached buttons and many more.

Ripplefold tape

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