How to Restring a Traverse Rod

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  1. Determine the length of new cord needed.  Measure the rod width and cord drop and add together.  Double that to get the cord length.Restring a Traverse Rod Diagram
  2. Feed cord end up through pulley housing at position 1 and lock off (tie off) on the overlap master carrier position 2.
  3. Take other end of cord and feed up through and around end pulley 3.  Pull across rod and around end pulley 4 back to overlap master carrier position 5.  Determine final cord length.  Tie off cord at position 5 and cut away excess cord.
  4. Center master slides.  Take the top cord and secure at position 6 on the underlap master carrier.
  5. For a one way rod the underlap master carrier is not used.  All other steps remain the same.

Cord Diagrams For Special Application Traverse Rods<br>

       Double Master Carriers           Double Insert Pulleys - Multiple Draw

Converting A Traverse Rod To One-Way Draw
For Decorative and Super Heavy Duty Traverse Rods

1. Determine number of slides required.  Count the number of pleats in the drapery panel and subtract two.

2. Pull rod sections apart.  First pull the cord loop out of the left master carrier locking tab.  Pull the inner and outer rod sections apart and remove the left master carrier.

3. Remove any excess slides.

4. To stack draperies to the right:               

A. Remove slides for the left side.  Place all slides to the right of the master carrier.

   Standard Traverse      Decorative Traverse

B. Remove the master carrier overlap arm and reattach it to the last hole on the left.

5. To stack draperies to the left:                 

A. Remove slides from the right side.  Place all slides to the left of the master carrier.

   Standard Traverse     Decorative Traverse

B. Remove the master carrier overlap arm.  Rotate it to the left and reattach it.

6. Telescope rod section together.

              Arm left to stack right.

           Rotate arm right to stack left.

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