Traditional Decorating Style

If your idea of a good day is to sit on your sofa watching classic movies or reading a Jane Austen novel while sipping tea or coffee, the traditional style of decorating might be for you. Think comfortable, simple, and very predictable. Let's take a look at the traditional style of decorating and discuss colors, wallpapers, fabrics, furniture, draperies, art and accessories.  Traditional Style Pinterest BoardTraditional Traditional decorating evokes a feeling of warmth and familiarity, and color is the main reason. Choose colors that are calming and not overpowering. Greens, tans, and even light peach tones are wonderful colors that will compliment your room. If you enjoy wallpaper in your home, choose a tone on tone damask or even tone on tone stripes. This will give you a pattern but still make it look and feel like home.  Choosing fabrics for draperies or upholstery in a traditional home can be a wonderful experience. Solid fabrics for upholstering of chairs and sofas will keep the room calm and will allow you to play with more traditional patterned fabrics when working on your pillows. Silks, linens, and woven fabrics are great options as well.  Skirted sofas or chairs mixed with furniture that has exposed legs will add interest. Strong dark wooden pieces for tables and other prominent pieces of furniture in the home helps provide balance.

Windows should not be left uncovered but dressed in full floor length drapes that fully function or at the very least frame out your windows. Some windows are dressed with a roman shade inside the window and then drapes framing the window. You want these draperies in neutral or very light colors and they should be hanging from very nice curtain rods. Wooden or iron curtain rods that are rich in color will help not only your drapes to stand out but also show off your exquisite rods.  When choosing art to express the traditional style you want to look at gilded frames and antique art work. Landscapes, floral prints, and even animal art work would work well in a traditional home.  The last thing to polish off your traditional style is accessories. Strategically place your accessories around your room to avoid a cluttered look. A few coffee table books with a trio of candle sticks is enough for your table. Bookshelves should have plenty of books but also have small statues, magnifying glasses, and other hidden treasures. Whatever you choose to do in your traditionally decorated home, make it your own.