Metal Curtain Rods

Strong and dependable metal curtain rods and hardware can create a sleek and sophisticated modern look to a traditionally classic look. These steel curtain rods come in finishes that range from brass and stainless steel to nickel and bronze as well as a variety of painted finishes on the metal curtain rods and hardware. The hardware for these metal curtain rods offer a wide range of styles in it's offering of finials, brackets, curtain rings, holdbacks and other accessories. Various diameters of metal curtain rods are offered as well as different lengths to accommodate window treatments for any sized window.

Affinity Metal Traverse Rods
Affinity Metal Traverse Rods >
The Brimar traverse rods in the Affinity feature a sophisticated style with clean lines and modern finial options. The aluminum pole in these metal traverse rods are intended for all fabric types. The gorgeous traverse rods can accommodate an extra long continuous draw up to 16 feet in length. The traverse rod hardware includes pole splices and offer options in baton draw, cord draw or motorized in both pleated and ripple fold pleat options.

Apollo Metal Curtain Rods
Apollo Metal Curtain Rods >
The Vesta Apollo metal curtain rods and hardware make a quiet statement of strength and elegance. The simplicity and excellent price point is sure to resolve numerous window treatment challenges. Five finial styles to choose from with colors that offer stainless steel, polished chrome, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze and black. Available in 1 1/8" diameter metal curtain rods can be custom cut to length at no extra charge and can accommodate extra long curtain rods.

Architrac >
Architrac curtain and ceiling track. These traversing rods are available in extra long lengths. Wall or Ceiling Mounted. Cord or Baton Draw. Motorization and Bending Options like Bay and Bow windows are available.

Ripplefold or Pleated Drapery Carriers

Aria Abode Metal
Aria Abode Metal >
Metal curtain rods in popullar finishes embodies a transitional style. Classic finial styles with an acrylic ball option. Bypass bracket and rings option. Fixed and telescoping pole options. Finals fit 1 1/8 H-Rail traverse track as well.

Aria Antiquities
Aria Antiquities >
Gorgeous 1 3/8" Diameter metal poles in polished nickel, antique pewter, iron copper, antique brass, brushed bronze, oil rubbed bronze, venetian bronze, dark oil rubbed bronze, satin black and matte black. The detail of the finials combined with classic styles make this collection a traditional masterpiece. These finials work with the H-Rail motorized R-Tec 1 3/8" systems and baton systems.

Aria Artisan Metal
Aria Artisan Metal >
With unique styling, this ecletic mix of finials with classic metal 1 1/8" diameter poles is a fabulous choice for your window treatments. Many options available including telescoping rods, custom cut fixed poles, bypass rings and brackets and h-rail trraverse rods.

Aria H-Rail Traverse Rod Kits 1 1/8 in Diameter
Aria H-Rail Traverse Rod Kits 1 1/8 in Diameter >
These affordable traverse rods with both pinch pleat carriers and ripplefold carrier options feature a baton draw. Choose from wall or ceiling mount, low profile, double tracks and more options. Colors include Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Satin Nickel, Brushed Black Nickel, Satin Gold, Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Bronze and Matte Black. 1 1/8" Diameter

Aria H-Rail Traverse Rod Kits 1 3/8 in Diameter
Aria H-Rail Traverse Rod Kits 1 3/8 in Diameter >
The Aria H-Rail Traverse metal curtain rods are simple, sleek and come in a variety of decorative metal finials and 8 gorgeous finishes to give your windows treatments that special look. These quality made metal curtain tracks are 1 3/8 inch diameter. Custom sized sets come fully assembled and ready to install.

Aria Metal Curtain Rods
Aria Metal Curtain Rods >
Simple and sleek, the Aria contemporary metal curtain rods gives you several options of decoratative finials in 9 gorgeous finishes. These metal curtain rods offer coordinating curtain rod hardware that includes matching curtain rings or grommets that will give your window treatments that special look. The metal curtain rods in the Aria are 1 1/8" in diameter and available in 4, 6 and 8 foot lengths with a splice being available to accommodate wider windows. Also offered are adjustable telescoping metal curtain rods.

Aria Metal Hardware
Aria Metal Hardware >
Aria Metal Hardware includes both 1 1/8" diameter and 1 3/8" diameter modern metal poles. From fixed lengths, telescoping, traversing and battery powered, this line is sure to have the look you need. From traditional finials to sleek looks in colors like antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, satin black, polished nickel and many more, the possibilities are many. Ripplefold and pinch pleat traverse tracks as well.

City Scapes
City Scapes >
Vesta Curtain Rods City Scapes offers curtain tracks and hardware for the ultra-modern design enthusiast. Choose from unique modern designs in chrome, nickel and polished aluminum. Also included are coordinating modern picture rails for hanging your artwork.

Contemporary Metal Curtain Rods
Contemporary Metal Curtain Rods >
These contemporary metal curtain rods and hardware sets are sure to add some fun and style to your window treatments. Available in seven finial styles and four modern looking colors these 1" metal curtain rods are adjustable to size.

Crystalene >
Vesta Crystalen Acrylic Curtain Rods Clear acrylic rods in two diameters: 1 1/8" and 1 3/8". Choose from an acrylic ball or knob finial. Finishes include polished chrome and satin nickel.

Eco-Deco >
Vesta Eco-Deco Traverse Curtain Rods 3/4 Inch Square extruded aluminum curtain track in five brushed finishes and white. Available with ripple-fold carriers and standard traverse carriers

Geolux Outdoor Curtain Rods
Geolux Outdoor Curtain Rods >
The Vesta GeoLux outdoor curtain rods and hardware accessories features precisely machined, beautiful components of stainless steel and aluminum in popular finishes including bronze, gold, silver, black and stainless steel to provide a modern touch of elegance. A variety of bracket designs are available in these outdoor curtain rods to create a unique look and mounting flexibility. These outdoor curtain rods are offered in 3/4 inch and 1 1/8 inch diameter options.

Geolux Outdoor Traverse Rods
Geolux Outdoor Traverse Rods >
The GeoLux outdoor traverse rods and hardware accessories by Vesta features precisely machined and beautiful components made of stainless steel and aluminum. These outdoor traverse rods are offered in popular finishes including bronze, gold, silver, black and stainless steel. These outdoor traverse rods feature a variety of bracket designs for creating a unique look and mounting flexibility. These outdoor traverse rods are offered in 3/4 inch and 1 1/8 inch diameter options

Graber Metal Curtain Rods
Graber Metal Curtain Rods >
Cover up to 10 feet with these adjustable length discount priced metal curtain rod sets by Graber. Our most inexpensive line of decorative curtain rods with the quality that Graber stands for with prices for the budget minded decorator. These discount priced metal curtain rods are available in three adjustable sizes up to 120 inches. Buy Graber curtain rods in sets that include finials, adjustable rod and fixed brackets. Clip rings and curtain holdbacks are also available. Graber metal curtain rods lets you enjoy decorating at a discount with their cheap priced metal curtain rods.

Helena 2 inch Metal Curtain Rods
Helena 2 inch Metal Curtain Rods >
Looking for oil rubbed bronze curtain rods? The Vesta Helena 2" metal curtain rods with modern finials have the finishes you need. Choose from finishes offered in Antique Brass, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Polished Chrome. Create extra long curtain rods with the curtain rod splice. These metal curtain rods also offer an elbow that can be used to create window treatments for bay windows. These hefty 2" diameter metal curtain rods are sold in 4, 6 and 8 foot lengths making them a designer curtain rod must have.

Iconic Inspirations
Iconic Inspirations >
Inspired by some of the worlds most recognizable architecture, the Iconic Inspirations traditional styled metal curtain rods will surely inspire your interior and exterior designs. The metal curtain rods are 1 1/16" in diameter.
  • 3 Interior Finishes plus 1 Indoor/Outdoor Finish
  • Hand Finished
  • Hidden Metal Mounts - No Visual Distractions
  • Easy Installation

Le Mans
Le Mans >
Vesta Curtain Rods Le Mans features 1" diameter aluminum curtain rod tubing and all the coordinating drapery hardware in finishes of satin aluminum, polished chrome, brushed nickel and palladium. These modern styled drapery rods offer some fabulous finial selections and mounting bracket options along with different carriers that will accommodate pinch pleated draperies to snap ripplefold draperies. Also offered are swivel brackets for bay and bow windows as well as being great for inside or outside corners.

Manhattan Traverse Rods
Manhattan Traverse Rods >
Brimar presents a streamlined flat metal track in the Manhattan traverse rods that offers the option to be used as a curtain track with it's steel curtain rings or as a drapery track with it's carriers. The original modern drapery hardware epitomizes the long lines and slender form of urban architecture in it's look. The brackets offer choices for a single window treatment as well as a bracket for double curtain or traverse rod window treatments.

Metro Metal Curtain Rods
Metro Metal Curtain Rods >
The modern metal curtain rods in the Metro by Brimar refine interiors with the transitional look of geometric finials. The 1 1/2" diameter metal curtain rods are offered in 4 and 8 foot lengths and feature colors of modern matte black, to metallic finishes in luminous gold or silver that have an antiqued effect. The four finial styles are great for creating a modern to contemporary look with the Lloyd finial also being suitable for an oriental feel. Your draperies or window treatments will have a great companion with the Metro metal curtain rod by Brimar.

Motopia Motorized Traverse Rods
Motopia Motorized Traverse Rods >
Power up your curtains with this precision extruded decorative aluminum tracks powered by a belt driven traversing system. These motorized traverse rods are operated by remote control, a wireless wall switch or by hand. The Vesta Motopia motorized traverse rods feature ultra contemporary style with modern motorized control. These traverse rods come in a 1 1/8 inch diameter rod.

Motorized R-TEC Aria H-Rail Wall Mounts
Motorized R-TEC Aria H-Rail Wall Mounts >
Motorized curtain tracks with remote control and smart app and smart home integration. Aria Metal traverse tracks are quality made and modern. These fully assembled made-to-measure sets come ready to install with all the necessary components. 1 3/8 inch diameter metal track in 8 beautiful finishes.

Novi Traverse Track
Novi Traverse Track >
Ultra modern square aluminum tracks with machined bracket and contemporary finial designs can be found in the Novi traverse rods by Vesta. This traverse curtain track can be spliced for creating extra long traverse rods. This small traverse rod track is 3/4" square and available in brushed nickel, polished chrome and satin aluminum.

Onalux Contemporary Metal Curtain Rods
Onalux Contemporary Metal Curtain Rods >
With over 35 color choices these contemporary metal curtain rods will help you add an exciting touch of color with the Onalux resin finials offered in a ball or bell shape. Paired with a 1" round or square metal curtain rod and other drapery hardware to complement these contemporary curtain rods include; brackets, holdbacks and curtain rings that will help you complete the look of your modern home.

Platforms Traverse Rods
Platforms Traverse Rods >
Rectangular poles with a finial free design is offered in these contemporary styled traverse rods by Brimar. The Platforms traverse rods are offered in textured wood, faux leather and linen. Seconday drapery rails provide options for traversing sheers and other window treatment needs.

Signature Metal Curtain Rods
Signature Metal Curtain Rods >
The Signatue Metal Series offers metal curtain rods by Brimar offer great looks in a traditional style. These decorative metal curtain rods and hardware are available in 6 finishes with a large selection of finials, rosettes and tiebacks to complete the look. Also offered in the drapery hardware offering are curtain rings and bay window elbows along with other accessories to complete the look of your window treatments.

Signature Metal Traverse Rod
Signature Metal Traverse Rod >
The Brimar Signature wrought iron curain rods and wrought iron traverse rods feature classic cast wrought iron finials for enhancing your window treatments. These wrought iron curtain rods can be used as hand drawn curtain rods as a one-way or center draw baton drawn or as a corded wrought iron traverse rod.

Small Diameter Steel Curtain Rods
Small Diameter Steel Curtain Rods > New
Custom finished 3/4 inch diameter steel curtain rods provide the right details for your window treatments. Beautiful color combinations and customization options.

Techno Topia Cord Traverse
Techno Topia Cord Traverse >
Vesta Techno Topia Hand Traverse Curtain Rod Manual cord pull curtain rods by the foot. Sturdy 1 1/8" diameter track with 1 one-way or center draw. Ripplefold options also available. Use with an endcap or choose finials from European Elegance, GeoLux, and Opera collections. Colors include Black, Brushed Nickel and Polished Chrome.

Techno Track Hand Traverse
Techno Track Hand Traverse >
Vesta Techno TrackHand drawn curtain track designed with top mounted brackets so that you can span extra long curtain rod applications. Many color options available in two diameters: 3/4" and 1 1/8". Splicing options available to save on shipping.

Titan Track
Titan Track >
Vesta Curtain Rods Titan Track features a modern collection of 1 3/8" aluminum curtain track and drapery hardware for beefier window treatments in finishes of black, brushed nickel, polished chrome and palladium.

Tuxedo Contemporary Metal Curtain Rods
Tuxedo Contemporary Metal Curtain Rods >
If contemporary or modern style with a lot of class is what you are looking for, then the Brimar Tuxedo metal curtain rods are the choice for you. Its twist of fabulous styling through stainless steel, beechwood, acrylic and textured designs make these metal curtain rods the bomb. Brimar has done it with the 1 1/8" diameter steel rods that come in 4 and 8 foot lengths, but also offer splices for making them any length you may desire. The modern styled drapery hardware includes a mix of brackets, curtain rings and bay window elbows to accommodate any angle window.