Economy Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds
Quality vertical blinds at discount prices, plus a great selection of sizes with quick shipping. If you have any questions about our sliding glass and patio door blinds, please call or email us. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you in finding just the right size vertical blind.

  • Large Selection of Stock Sizes Available
  • 3.5" Wide Rigid PVC Vanes that are Flame Retardant
  • Heavy Duty Roll Formed Steel Headrail
  • Complete with Matching Valance
  • Easily installs as Stack Right or Stack Left
  • Wand tilts slats and open and closes blind.

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Flame Test

Vertical Blinds Box
All Sizes Available in Smooth White Finish
Some Standard Sizes Also Available in Alabaster
White Alabaster
White Alabaster

Outside mount. No allowance taken. Blind will be size stated on box. Click on size for pricing.
w x 36" Long w x 46" Long w x 48" Long w x 58" Long w x 60" Long w x 72" Long w x 84" Long w x 96" Long
35x36 46x46 23x48 34x58 23x60 34x72 54x84 66x96
47x36   35x48 46x58 35x60 35x72 59x84 78x96
59x36   43x48 58x58 43x60 43x72 66x84 102x96
71x36   46.5x48   47x60 47x72 71x84 104x96
    47x48   59x60 59x72 72x84 110x96
    58.5x48   63x60 63x72 78x84 116x96
    59x48   70x60 71x72 85x84  
    63x48   71x60 72x72 97x84  
    70.5x48   72x60 78x72 102x84  
    71x48   78x60 102x72 104x84  
    72x48   102x60   110x84  
    78x48       116x84  
Vertical Blinds Box
Certified Safe for Kids Vertical Blinds Details