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Sheer Fabric

Shop and buy Sheer Fabrics online by the yard at discount prices with sheer fabric samples available along with quick shipping and unsurpassed customer service. Buy from a wide selection of sheer curtain fabrics which include; casements and extra wide sheer fabrics for seamless looking window treatments. Shop quality sheer fabrics in a variety of patterns and solid colors including sheer curtain fabrics, casements, crushed sheers, embroidered sheers and extra wide sheer fabrics. Selections in these sheer fabrics include modern, transitional and traditional themed sheer fabric.
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Casement FabricCasement Fabric
Casement Fabric
These casement fabrics include a large grouping of casement fabric from a variety of fabric manufacturers. Casement fabrics are a heavier type of sheer fabric in that the fiber used is thicker, typically cotton and linen; although man made fibers are also incorporated. These casement fabrics feature a variety of unique patterns and weaves in a multitude of colors. The drapery and curtain casement fabrics in this selection offer a variety of different patterns and color choices.
Checks and Striped Sheer FabricChecks and Striped Sheer Fabric
Checks and Striped Sheer Fabric
Checks and Stripes Sheer Fabric includes sheer fabrics with a check and stripe pattern. This huge offering includes numerous colors and pattern sizes from which to choose for beautiful draperies and curtains. Prices on these check and striped sheer fabrics range from the low budget end to higher designer sheer fabrics.
Circles and Swirls Sheer FabricCircles and Swirls Sheer Fabric
Circles and Swirls Sheer Fabric
Circles & Swirls Sheer Fabric features sheers with circle and swirl patterns. These modern feeling sheer fabrics are available in a wide variety of fun colors to match the fun patterns that are offered. These upbeat sheer fabrics are perfect for any window treatments looking for todays modern look. The Circles and Swirls sheer fabrics are priced in the budget to high end price range and are available by the yard at discount prices.
Embroidered Sheer FabricEmbroidered Sheer Fabric
Embroidered Sheer Fabric
Embroidered Sheer Fabric includes beautiful sheer fabrics with embroidered designs. A wide variety of styles from traditional to transitional and modern patterns are featured in a wide range of delicious colors. This gorgeous offering of embroidered sheer fabrics are available by the yard and are discount priced. Prices for these embroidered sheer fabrics range from the budget end to upper high end.
Extra Wide Sheer FabricExtra Wide Sheer Fabric
Extra Wide Sheer Fabric
Extra Wide Sheer Fabric can be found in this unique and contemporary offering of extra wide sheer fabrics that are fire retardant. These fire retardant extra wide sheer fabrics include stripes, solids and unique patterns. All extra wide sheer fabrics are available by the yard, are discount priced and range from the budget end to high end of designer fabrics.
Floral Sheer FabricFloral Sheer Fabric
Floral Sheer Fabric
Floral Sheer Fabric includes sheer fabric in beautiful floral prints. A wide variety of styles and colors are available in modern and contemporary to transitional and traditional motifs. These floral sheer fabrics are available by the yard and are discount priced. Prices range from the low budget end to higher end designer sheer fabrics.
Modern Sheers FabricModern Sheers
Modern Sheers Fabric
Fabrics Modern Sheers
Pavonia Mercer FabricPavonia Mercer
Pavonia Mercer Fabric
Fabrics Pavonia Mercer Wide width sheers that pass NFPA 701.
Pavonia Mercer
Printed Sheer FabricPrinted Sheer Fabric
Printed Sheer Fabric
Printed Sheer fabric in florals, polka dots, stripes and many more styles. Kast Fabrics offers a beautiful grouping of printed sheer fabrics that are suitable for curtains and window treatments. These printed sheer fabrics are all budget priced and will look fantastic in your home. These sheer fabrics are offered online by the yard at discount prices with samples being available.
Solid Sheer FabricSolid Sheer Fabric
Solid Sheer Fabric
Solid Sheer Fabric includes sheer fabric in a wide array of solid colors. The great colors offered in these solid sheer fabrics are great for accenting your window treatments. The sheer fabrics offered here are all priced in the budget end of fabrics and are sold by the yard with samples also being available.
2201 Natural Sheers and Casements Fabric2201 Natural Sheers and Casements
2201 Natural Sheers and Casements Fabric
Mitchell Fabrics 2201 Natural Sheers and Casements
2201 Natural Sheers and Casements
701 Decorative Sheers Fabric701 Decorative Sheers
701 Decorative Sheers Fabric
The 701 Decorative Sheers features contract sheer fabrics from Robert Allen Contract. These wide width sheer fabrics include stripes, geometrics, ogees and florals along with other unique and interesting designs that are sure to enhance your homes decor.
701 Decorative Sheers
701 Decorative Sheers II Fabric701 Decorative Sheers II
701 Decorative Sheers II Fabric
Robert Allen Fabric 701 Decorative Sheers II features sheer drapery fabric and sheer curtain fabric in a great mix of wonderful patterns and colors in extra wide widths so you will have seamless sheers.
701 Decorative Sheers II
Atmosphere Sheers FabricAtmosphere Sheers
Atmosphere Sheers Fabric
Scalamandre Fabrics Atmosphere Sheers offers great choices of designer seamless sheer curtain fabrics for seamless looks for your window treatments.
Atmosphere Sheers
Band On The Run FabricBand On The Run
Band On The Run Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Band On The Run wide width sheer fabrics are the perfect choice for seamless drapery and curtains. Made to be run sideways, known as railroaded these wide width sheer fabrics will not show unsightly seams seen in narrower width sheer fabrics.
Casual Living FabricCasual Living
Casual Living Fabric
Michaels Textiles Casual Living with Mitchell Fabrics brings you sheer fabrics that feature linen looks to quatrefoil designs, a unique vertical wrought iron shaped pattern, casements, and textured solid colored coordinates in an array of colors.
Casual Living
Classic 118 Sheers FabricClassic 118 Sheers
Classic 118 Sheers Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Classic 118" Sheers features wide width sheer drapery fabric and curtain sheer fabrics for seamless looks in your window treatments.
Colony Sheers FabricColony Sheers
Colony Sheers Fabric
Scalamandre Fabrics Colony Sheers
Colony Sheers
Dartmouth Window Collection FabricDartmouth Window Collection
Dartmouth Window Collection Fabric
Duralee Fabric Dartmouth Window offers casement fabrics in some very unique patterns that include a gorgeous branching up ward pattern, puffy dots, raised stripes, a crosshatch and a variety of finely woven patterns in great neutral colors.
Dartmouth Window Collection
Devante Sheer FabricDevante Sheer
Devante Sheer Fabric
Novel Fabrics Devante Sheer #373 offers 118" wide width sheer fabrics for drapery and curtain use that feature great modern patterns in casements and other larger open weaves along with some unique textures. These wide width sheer fabrics are perfect for seamless sheers and they are offered in a neutral color range that feature some patterns with a glitzy metallic look.
Devante Sheer
Elegant Sheer Linen FabricElegant Sheer Linen
Elegant Sheer Linen Fabric
Novel Fabrics Elegant Sheer Linen 311 offers some gorgeous embroidered wide width sheer linen fabrics along with some casements, burlap looks, and some puckered fabric choices.
Elegant Sheer Linen
Fiora Sheers 118 Inch FabricFiora Sheers 118 Inch
Fiora Sheers 118 Inch Fabric
Novel Fabrics Fiora Sheers 118 Inch features what else, but wide width sheer fabrics for drapery and curtain use that will give your window treatments seamless looks.
Fiora Sheers 118 Inch
Float On FabricFloat On
Float On Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Float On features sheer fabrics for drapery and curtains made of 100% polyester in 49 color choices.
Gaston Sheers FabricGaston Sheers
Gaston Sheers Fabric
Kravet Fabric Gaston Sheers by designers Gaston y Daniela features extra wide sheer fabrics for seamless looks in a variety of gorgeous pattern choices for sheer drapery and sheer curtains.
Gaston Sheers
Gossamer FabricGossamer
Gossamer Fabric
Exclusive Wide Width Drapery Textures RM Coco Fabrics Gossamer Linen Blend Sheer Fabrics
Impressions FabricImpressions
Impressions Fabric
Impressions by Kasmir Fabrics offers 139 decorative lace sheer fabrics in patterns ranging from solids to traditional as well as modern and contemporary designs.
Kismet FabricKismet
Kismet Fabric
The Kismet fabric collection by Kast Fabrics offers soft woven fabrics are 100% Linen and 100% perfect for your window. These solid colored linen sheers come in 24 designer shades that offer a earthy look all while being priced in the low end of the mid price range for great looks for the budget minded decorator.
Lino Fino 118 FabricLino Fino 118
Lino Fino 118 Fabric
If you are looking for linen sheer fabrics that are seamless, then Novel Fabrics Lino Fino 118 fabric collection is perfect for you. Faux linen made of polyester to linen blends to solid linen sheer fabrics in natural colors with stripes and geometric designs
Lino Fino 118
Lumina FabricLumina
Lumina Fabric
Whether you prefer the luster of silk or the texture of linen, these sheer fabrics in the Lumina fabric collection have something for everyone. These sheer silk and linen fabrics come in metallics, solids, stripes and embroidered florals. The sheer silk and linen fabrics offered by Norbar Fabrics are primarily priced in the mid price range.
Marcus William Crystalline FabricMarcus William Crystalline
Marcus William Crystalline Fabric
Stout Fabrics presents Marcus William Crystalline an exclusive line of drapery fabrics that offer some unique modern patterns in light color tones.
Marcus William Crystalline
Midori 9188 FabricMidori 9188
Midori 9188 Fabric
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Midori 9188 features a beautiful wide width polyester and linen blend sheer fabric in 47 luscious color hues.
Midori 9188
Moda Italia 118 FabricModa Italia 118
Moda Italia 118 Fabric
These fabulous reversible sheer drapery fabrics offered in Novel Fabrics Mods Italia 118 are extra wide so that your sheer curtains will be seamless.
Moda Italia 118
Patterned Sheers FabricPatterned Sheers
Patterned Sheers Fabric
Robert Allen Fabrics Patterned Sheers offers a mix of interesting patterns in this sheer curtain and sheer drapery fabric collection.
Patterned Sheers
Point of View FabricPoint of View
Point of View Fabric
Sheers are all the rage this season. Wesco Fabrics Point of View is a fabulous mixture of contemporary printed sheers, jacquard woven clipped fabrics, linen blend stripes and solids. These semi sheers offer both wide width and narrow width sheer fabrics. A great value story this season are the embroidered patterns Aladdin and Sooth Me that customers have been asking us to bring back. Within these lace fabrics we have incorporated a number of stunning jacquard woven laces as well.
Point of View
Riverwalk FabricRiverwalk
Riverwalk Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Riverwalk offers fire retardant wide width sheer curtain fabric and sheer drapery fabric in 48 color choices.
Room With A VIew FabricRoom With A VIew
Room With A VIew Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Room With A View features wide width sheers and casements.
Seemless Sheers FabricSeemless Sheers
Seemless Sheers Fabric
Mitchell Fabrics Seamless Sheers is what you have been looking for when you want 118" seamless sheer fabrics which can be railroaded across your windows so you will not have any seams obscuring your window treatment views.
Seemless Sheers
Sheer Artistry FabricSheer Artistry
Sheer Artistry Fabric
Sheer Artistry by Kasmir offers 117 choices of sheer fabrics for sheer curtains and sheer draperies in a variety of patterns including crewel sheer fabrics to embroidered sheer fabrics. Some of these sheer curtain fabrics are extra wide so that they can be railroaded for a seamless look to your window coverings.
Sheer Artistry
Sheer Bliss FabricSheer Bliss
Sheer Bliss Fabric
Michaels Textiles Fabrics Sheer Bliss has 32 super looking pattern choices in 118" wide sheer fabrics that will give your window coverings seamless looks. This wonderful sheer fabric offering is made of 100% polyester as well as polyester with blends such as cotton, linen and viscose.
Sheer Bliss
Sheer Brilliance FabricSheer Brilliance
Sheer Brilliance Fabric
It's Sheer Brilliance when you use these modern sheer fabrics that include stripes, lattice and quatrefoil styles for decorating your home.
Sheer Brilliance
Sheer Effects 5157 FabricSheer Effects 5157
Sheer Effects 5157 Fabric
Kasmir Fabrics Sheer Effects 5157 features 127 different sheer fabrics and fine casements in both regular widths and wide widths in solid pattern choices to all sorts of modern patterns featuring designs from geometrics to scrolls, stripes, undulating waves, dots and so much more.
Sheer Effects 5157
Sheer Essentials FabricSheer Essentials
Sheer Essentials Fabric
Stout Fabric presents Sheer Essentials which features sheer curtain and drapery fabric that is offered in wide widths so that you can railroad them for sheer curtains that have no seams. Many choices of these sheer fabrics are fire and flame retardant.
Sheer Essentials
Sheer Gallery FabricSheer Gallery
Sheer Gallery Fabric
Mitchell Fabrics Sheer Gallery offers over 60 great looking extra wide sheer fabrics that will give your window treatments seamless looks. All made from long lasting and light fast polyester these 118" wide sheer fabrics offer solid colored patterns to several variations of sharp looking stripes to a very sheer casement, crushed looks, geometrics, and a crosswoven diamond to a very modern undulating embroidered stripe along with other great looks.
Sheer Gallery
Sheer Genius FabricSheer Genius
Sheer Genius Fabric
Sheer Genius sheer fabrics feature sheer curtain fabrics in wide widths in traditional patterns as well as sheer fabrics and embroidered sheers in a standard width.
Sheer Genius
Sheer Glamour 1283 FabricSheer Glamour 1283
Sheer Glamour 1283 Fabric
Kasmir Fabrics Sheer Glamour 1283 lets you choose from over 60 different sheer fabrics in a variety of different pattern choices in wonderful colors for making gorgeous sheer curtains and sheer draperies that are seamless, because these sheer fabrics are all extra wide.
Sheer Glamour 1283
Sheer Heights FabricSheer Heights
Sheer Heights Fabric
Maxwell Fabrics Sheer Heights Sheer fabrics in neutrals including greys. Standout constructions include five textural open-knit net looks that range from delicate to rustic & industrial chic-inspired. Twenty patterns in Sheer Heights pass NFPA 701 & three patterns pass CAN/ULC-S109.
Sheer Heights
Sheer Indulgence FabricSheer Indulgence
Sheer Indulgence Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Sheer Indulgence offers a plethora of sheer curtain fabrics as well as a selection of casements in a variety of colors for giving one visibility outside and letting the light in but restricting outside views to the inside.
Sheer Jazz FabricSheer Jazz
Sheer Jazz Fabric
RM Coco Fabric Sheer Jazz features wide width sheer curtain fabric and sheer drapery fabrics in a stunning mixture of patterns.
Sheer Linen Inspirations FabricSheer Linen Inspirations
Sheer Linen Inspirations Fabric
Novel Fabrics Sheer Linen Inspirations offers seamless 118" wide sheer curtain fabrics that offer some stunning looks. These sheer fabrics are woven to have a linen look and feature patterns with metallic threads, stripes, scrolls, solid colored plains and other unique designs.
Sheer Linen Inspirations
Sheer Pleasure FabricSheer Pleasure
Sheer Pleasure Fabric
Stout Fabrics Sheer Pleasure features sheer curtain fabrics and sheer drapery fabrics which are offered in solid colors as well as some which feature stripes. Many of these sheer curtain fabrics and sheer drapery fabrics are fire and flame retardant and are offered in wide widths so that you don't have seams showing when you railroad the fabric.
Sheer Pleasure
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