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Document 2004-02 -- 18th Century Styles
Chippendale, Hepplewhite & Sheraton Furniture Styles

Document 2004-03 -- Spruce Up for Spring
All about Sunbrella fabrics for outdoor use.

Document 2004-04 -- Color in 2004
Color predictions for 2004

Document 2004-05 --Choosing the Right Drapery Hardware
Tips on determining the right drapery hardware for your next window project.

Document 2004-06 -- Minor Changes-Major Impact
Quick room changes with major impact.

Document 2004-08 -- Shower Scenes
From shower curtains to shower draperies.

Document 2004-09 -- Warming Up for Winter
Window coverings and energy savings go hand-in-hand.

Document 2004-10 -- Color Standards
Color wheel and color schemes.

Document 2004-11 -- Last Minute Holiday Touches
Quick and inexpensive tips for holiday decorating.

Document 2004-12 -- What's Your Style
What's your decorating style? Traditional, Victorian, Contemporary, Country... This article defines popular American styles.

Document 2005-01 -- Living Room Makeover
Tips for Improving your living room space.

Document 2005-02 -- Container Gardening
Uptown, midtown or out of town, no matter where you live, a container garden can spruce up an ordinary setting. Vibrant, versatile and easy to care for, these gardens add instant interest to tiny terraces or large landscapes.

Document 2005-03 -- Spring Color Forecast 2005
The new colors for Spring 2005 include bright and vivid colors. Oranges and reds take the lead but vibrant greens and blues are close behind.

Document 2005-04 -- All About Lighting
When decorating a room, most people overlook the most important factor: Lighting.

Document 2005-05 -- Outdoor Living
Creating an outdoor living space is no longer just about increasing property values or impressing the occasional guest.

Document 2005-06 -- Organize Your Home
Are you running a little late on your spring cleaning? It's not too late to get your home organized and clutter-free. Summer can be the perfect time to give your home a makeover.

Document 2005-08 -- Back to School
Why not kick off the new school year by redecorating the kids bedrooms?

Document 2005-09 -- Decorating Contemporary Style
The Contemporary Home Furnishing style is unmistakably sleek, hip, funky, and chic.

Document 2005-10 -- Create a Cozy Guest Room
Here are some ways to make your guestroom more comfortable, warm, and inviting. If you aren't expecting guests, these tips will work for any bedroom in the house!

Document 2005-11 -- Holiday Decorating Themes
Choosing a theme for the holidays makes it easy to harmonize the decorations throughout your home. Whether you want to turn your home into a winter wonderland

Document 2005-12 -- 2006 Decorating Forecast - Style, Trends and Color
Decorators report on the hottest designs, products, color and materials. The results represent the styles and trends that are popular now, up and coming trends and what styles are on the way out.

Document 2006-01 -- A New Look with Accessories
If you're wanting a new look for your home but can't afford a total remodel, consider replacing some of your home accessories.

Document 2006-02 -- Making Your Own Style
Decorating any room can be challenging, especially if the styles your room displays are completely different.

Document 2006-03 -- Signs of Spring
The first signs of spring are relaxing, aren't they?

Document 2006-04 --Wallpaper Makes a Comeback
The newest tool in the decorator's kit may be an old one - wallpaper. After years of being eclipsed by painted finishes or colorless backgrounds, wallpaper is staging a comeback.

Document 2006-05 -- Welcome the Outdoors In
April showers have brought May flowers and we are feeling the effects of nature all around. Let's revel in the fact that the outdoors are alive and vibrant and are truly inspirational.

Document 2006-06 -- The Finishing Touch
Decorating should not stop with just the furniture pieces in place. Embellish your decor with accessories. Accessories can add personality to your room and help unify your home by using color, texture, and shape.

Document 2006-07 -- It's All About the (Architectural) Details
If you are thinking about building a new house or adding on to the one you have, architectural details in a home are very noticed and admired. Architecture has a sense of history and class that no other type of home décor can possess.

Document 2006-08 -- Space Planning: A Step Beyond Interior Decorating
Everybody knows that a dramatic change can come about from changing the color of your walls. But how many people have actually considered changing the shape of the space itself?

Document 2006-09 -- Easy Holiday Home Décor with Fabric!
The holidays are a favorite time of year for decorating ones home to the hilt! Holiday parties, open houses, and casual family get togethers make it the perfect time of year to show off your home.

Document 2006-10 -- Decorating for the holidays.
Whether it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner or you just want to warm up your home with the colors of falling leaves, a few simple touches can transform your world into an autumn delight.

Document 2006-11 -- The Color of Fall - Decorating with Color
Painting is one of the easiest and efficient ways to give a room a makeover. Currently, autumn-inspired hues are the must-haves on the market.

Document 2006-12 -- Cozy Up for Winter
Easy way to cozy up your home decor using warm colors.

Document 2007-01 -- Give Your Home a Facelift
Use things you already own to give your house a new look using designer tricks.

Document 2007-02 -- Furniture Buying Guide
Tips and guidelines to make sure you have a great furniture buying experience.

Document 2007-04 -- 10 Quick and Inexpensive Ways to Brighten Your Home for Spring
Spring is a sign of renewal in many areas of our lives and our homes are no different! There is something energizing and refreshing about bringing that bright, airy feeling of Spring into your home

Document 2007-08 -- Hottest Color Trends
The growing concern for the earth's environment seems to be influencing the colors people are attracted to. Many people are looking for ways to bring the colors of the outdoors inside their home.

Document 2007-09 -- Background Decor
The Art of Creating Walls Which Personify Your Style

Walls are the largest surface area in a room. Like a giant canvas, they give you the creative freedom to fashion whatever kind of space you want.

Document 2007-10 -- Window Fashions
Sleek, fashionable window coverings can add beauty, color, warmth and more to your living spaces. From your living room to your favorite restaurant or even your office, the window styles make your space more comfortable and inviting.

Document 2008-02 -- Windows with Style
A guide to curtain rods.

Document 2008-03 -- Outdoor Fabric 101
Information about outdoor fabric including different ratings and classifications. Water Resistant vs. Water Repellent

Document 2008-04 -- Easy Window Treatments for an Elegant Bedroom
Window treatments have the power to change the entire look and feel of a room. A room that is supposed to be elegant and sophisticated will not appear nearly as stylish without the right window treatments.

Document 2008-06 -- Quality Bed Linens Isn't Just About Thread Count
The importance of quality bedding is becoming increasingly important to consumers. It is no longer about the look of the ensemble but the comfort.

Document 2008-07 -- Design with Green in Mind
Thinking about going green? Purchasing environmentally responsible products that are good for people and the environment does not mean sacrificing style.

Document 2008-08 -- 2009 Color Forecast
Color is all around us. Color sets the mood. Determined to pick the right colors for our homes, many of us anticipate the color forecast by the experts.

Document 2008-09 -- Choosing Paint Colors
When it comes to decorating, choosing paint color can really be a challenge. Visiting the paint store can be quite overwhelming. All those colors to choose from - where do you start?

Document 2008-10 -- Furoshiki
Eco-Friendly Wrapping

Have you heard of furoshiki? These traditional Japanese square cloths are getting a lot of attention lately, as a "green" alternative to wrapping paper and plastic shopping bags.

Document 2008-11 -- Cool Holiday Organizing Tips
Now that the holidays are here, make it a goal to avoid holiday stress. Get organized with these simple tips and spend your time enjoying the warmth of the season

Document 2008-12 -- Last-Minute Gift Ideas
Ideas for last minute shopping.

Document 2009-01 -- Choosing the Perfect Bedding
How do you know which bedding is right for you? Here are some tips for falling in love with your bedding.

Document 2009-02 -- Kitchen Backsplash - Options and Ideas
Just changing the backsplash can give your kitchen a whole new look and feel. Solid metal backsplash has become increasingly popular over the years.

Document 2009-03 -- Cooling Down - Energy Savings with Ceiling Fans
While a fan doesn't actually cool down a room it does circulate the air in the room to help cool you down; It makes your skin feel at least 5° cooler and you might save between 10% and 40% on your energy bill.

Document 2009-04 -- Picking the Perfect Wedding Gift
Giving a gift from the couple's wedding registry is one easy way to give the couple something they truly need. However, if the registry is limited or most things have already been purchased, we have some ideas for choosing the perfect wedding gift.

Document 2009-05 -- Summer Fabric Craft Project Ideas
many people are looking for alternative things to do instead of going to a movie or taking a weekend trip. Here are some great craft ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Document 2009-06 -- Arch and Eyebrow Window Treatments
Specialty windows can dramatically improve the look of your home. Here are some ideas for making the most of your arched windows and eyebrow windows.

Document 2009-07 -- How to Decorate a Kids Room
Tips on designing a kid's room with room for growth

Document 2009-08 -- College Football
Help get the football season kicked off right with hip, new alternatives to your traditional tailgate and football party staples.

Document 2009-09 -- Halloween Costumes Made Easy
Costumes are a vital part of a childs fall memories and can often be a source of anxiety for parents.

Document 2009-10 -- Elegant Fireplace Mantels
A beautiful fireplace mantel will add to your holiday decor and create a festive focal point in your room.

Document 2009-11 -- 2010 Color Forecast
The 2010 color forecast brings the past into the present.

Document 2009-12 -- Making a Fleece Blanket
Creating a warm, cozy blanket is the perfect project for a cold winter day or for any other occasion as well. If you need an inexpensive and easy to do craft project, making a fleece blanket is a great choice.

Document 2010-01 -- Budget Ways to Warm Your Decor Through Winter
Keeping your rooms inviting during the dead of winter is to add warmth and comfort.

Document 2010-02 -- Creative Ideas for Fabrics and Wallpaper
This month we have some ideas for using fabric and wallpaper (courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens) that allow you to bring your favorites in to your home quickly and easily.

Document 2010-03 -- Spring Into a New Cleaning Routine
The annual spring cleaning can seem overwhelming and almost impossible at times but by following these helpful tips you are sure to survive with a little sanity and a sense of accomplishment intact.

Document 2010-04 -- Choosing Blinds - Wood or Faux Wood
Wood blinds and Faux Wood blinds add warmth and a natural charm to any room. Durable and versatile custom-made blinds are a great choice for adding privacy and are good insulators from heat and cold.

Document 2010-05 -- A Space of His Own
The man-cave becomes a retreat of the manly stuff that is treasured. A personalized haven of the things you enjoy, the way you want to enjoy them.

Document 2010-07 -- All You Need to Know About Decorating Your Home
Keep up-to-date on Home Decor and Interior Decorating by following InteriorMall on Facebook. Easy decorating projects, industry news, unique products, helpful videos - let us do the research for you!

Document 2010-08 -- Hot New Fabrics
New this week: a collection of drapery and upholstery fabrics direct from Swavelle/Millcreek. This collection includes some of the season's best designs.

Document 2010-09 -- 2010 Top Sellers
A review of the top selling products at InteriorMall.com including the arch rod, the magneblind, Mimosa and Gator fabrics.

Document 2010-10 -- Setting A Perfect Table
Setting a beautiful holiday table starts with a stunning set of dinnerware and the proper layout.

Document 2010-11 -- Fun with Faux Fur
Faux fur is a big fashion trend this season, but sewing this chunky, furry stuff may seem like quite a task. Tips and tricks for working with faux furs.

Document 2010-12 -- 2011 Color Forecast
As we anticipate the color trends for 2011, home decorating colors spring to life with vibrant and elegant hues sure to please the eye. Whether you plan to bring new colors into your home with paint...

Document 2011-01 -- Focus on Wallpaper and Wallcoverings
Wallpaper is an exceptional tool to make a bold statement in a room. New patterns continue to make a splash everywhere. Accent walls are a great way to add color, depth and interest to a room.

Document 2011-02 -- New Fabric Trends
Vibrant, bold patterns are everywhere. Luscious chenilles and velvets in beautiful textured patterns perfect for any upholstery project permeate many of the collections.

Document 2011-03 -- Decorating - Whats Your Style
In home décor, it can be confusing to pinpoint a style that accurately reflects individual tastes. Therefore, it's important to develop a plan that achieves the look you want while at the same time allowing room for the things you love.

Document 2011-04 -- Outdoor Decorating Guide
Creating an outdoor space that is inviting and relaxing adds valuable space to your home. As the weather warms up, spending more time outside in a space that you enjoy can become a favorite family activity.

Document 2011-05 -- Designer Fabric and the Designers Behind Them
Learn more about some of best designer fabrics and the designers behind them.

Document 2011-06 -- Exploring the New 175 Color Additions
Explore the wonderful world of color

Document 2011-08 -- College Sports
American enthusiasm for college sports has driven our vendors to create extensive lines of home decor and accessories to help you decorate your home or dorm room with items from your favorite college or university.

Document 2011-09 -- How to Make a Fleece Blanket
Creating a warm, cozy blanket is the perfect project for a cold winter day or for any other occasion as well. If you need an inexpensive and easy to do craft project, making a fleece blanket is a great choice.

Document 2011-10 -- Unusual Christmas Decorating Ideas
Traditional Christmas decorating can be quite routine; however, sometimes we need a little inspiration to mix things up.

Document 2011-11 -- Ideas For Using Leftover Fabrics
Wondering what to do with leftover fabrics? Here's a list of popular ideas: •Wrap Presents •Use like ribbon on your presents •Tree Skirt

Document 2011-12 -- Trends and Color in 2012
Our daily lives are influenced by the colors and textures surrounding us. Color affects our mood and outlook on life. Home decor trends are constantly evolving, and one of the most obvious aspects of changing style is color.

Document 2012-01 -- Mantel Decorating Tips
Christmas is over and the mantel is looking a little bare and quite unglamorous without all of the sparkle of the holidays. Your mantel can have a dramatic effect on your whole room. Create a fabulous mantel with the following ideas and guidelines.

Document 2012-02 -- A Guide to Beautiful Bedding
Dreaming of a beautiful bedroom to relax in at the end of the day? Creating an extraordinary bedroom is easy when you know a little about the options available to you.

Document 2012-04 -- Five Bathroom Tips
Bathrooms vary from small and intimate to spacious and luxurious. No matter the size, you can make your bathroom functional and stylish. Here are some tips for the bathroom:

Document 2015 Eclectic Design Style December Newsletter
Eclectic Design: What is it? And how do I do it?

Document 2015 French Country Design Style November Newsletter
French Country design ideas for your home.

Document 2015 Western/Southwestern Decorating Style August Newsletter
Rustic styled decor with Native American patterns and colors. Cowboys and hunting - all of things can be considered western design elements.

Document 2019 March Newsletter
Decorating Trend - Wide Fabric Tapes

Document 4th of July Decorating
Quick and easy decorating projects to show your USA pride.

Document Arch and Eyebrow Window Treatments
Specialty windows can dramatically improve the look of your home; however, blocking light, heat or creating privacy can prove to be a difficult task without the right tools and knowledge. Here are some ideas for making the most of your arched windows and eyebrow windows.

Document Burlap Chair Bow How To
Learn how to cut burlap with clean edges and then make a pretty bow on your chairs for holiday/everyday decorating.

Document Dressing Your Windows with a Cornice Board
One of the most dramatic and exquisite ways to dress up your windows is to top your treatments with a cornice. From intricately designed wood cornices to do-it-yourself fabric cornices, there are options suitable for any decor style. Cornice boards can be wooden, plaster or upholstered and can be covered with fabric, paint or wallpaper depending on the location and the decor style.

Document Duralee Designer: John Robshaw
Introducing four new designer fabric books which include fabrics for your home designed by John Robshaw. Fabulous prints and woven fabrics feature designs and patterns based on his world travels. Most of the patterns are made here in the USA.

Document English Country Style
English Country What is English Country style? Close your eyes and visualize Laura Ashley florals with Ralph Lauren plaids and wools…

Document Fabric Gifts for Holiday and Christmas Giving
InteriorMall.com has every kind of fabric you can imagine to create a gift your friends and family are sure to love. The following ideas from our website and Pinterest should help you get started.

Document Guide to Outdoor Fabrics
Creating beautiful outdoor spaces is easier than ever with an abundance of fabulous outdoor fabric choices. Making sense, however, of the different brands and fabric contents can be confusing. Outdoor fabrics are made from a variety of synthetic fibers like polyester, acrylic and even cotton blends that are chemically treated during manufacturing.

Document Happy Scrappy Curtain How-To
You can create fun and whimsical curtains for your home with just a few yards of fabric and basic sewing supplies. The strips can be attached to a pre-made sheer, some other fabric like burlap or just tied directly to your curtain rod. The options are endless – just use your creative mind and soon you will have a unique window treatment.

Document How To Make Flip Flops
Quick DIY for covering or remaking flip flops with cute fabric prints. Step-by-step instructions and pictures to make this super easy project.

Document July 2013 Newsletter
DIY Fabric Patchwork Vase. Cover a bottle with fabric scraps using mod podge to create a work of art for your home.

Document June 2013 Newsletter
New products and a how-to for making a rug with custom fabric.