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Looking for a window blind that perfectly imitates wood while being more durable? Look no further than our 2" Faux Wood Blind! Its steel headrail and newly developed memory flexible technology makes it stand out against other window blinds on the market. In addition, our 2" Faux Wood Blind is also very easy to operate. The specially engineered hollow bottomrail ensures that the slats stay perfectly aligned while being raised or lowered. So why wait? Get the best of both worlds with our 2" Faux Wood Blind!

Take Note of ThisThese blinds are also able to be custom cut to customers specifications, making them a perfect fit for any window. Just pick a size a few inches larger than your window width. They can also be shortened up to 10 inches.


  • Flat PVC foam slat
  • Child-safe Cordless Design
  • Easy to Operate
  • Heavy Duty Metal Low-Profile Headrail

Smooth Bright White: Width will be 1/2" Less Than Shown To Allow For Inside Mounting - Click on size for pricing.
w x 24" Long w x 36" Long w x 42" Long w x 48" Long w x 54" Long w x 60" Long w x 64" Long w x 68" Long w x 72" Long w x 78" Long w x 84" Long w x 96" Long
22.5x24 16.5x36 23x42 18x48 23x54 16.5x60 15x64 23x68 10x72 34.5x78 14x84 23x96
23x24 22x36 24x42 22x48 27x54 17x60 17x64 25x68 11x72 36x78 23x84 27x96
35x24 22.5x36 29x42 22.5x48 29x54 18x60 24x64   12x72   24x84 29x96
  23x36 34.5x42 23x48 31x54 19x60 27x64   13x72   25x84 35x96
  24x36 58.5x42 26x48 32x54 21x60 30x64   14.5x72   26x84 36x96
  27x36   27x48 33x54 22x60 31x64   15x72   27x84 39x96
  28x36   28.5x48 34x54 22.5x60 32x64   16x72   29x84 48x96
  29x36   29x48 34.5x54 23x60 33.5x64   17x72   30x84  
  30x36   30x48 35x54 24x60 34x64   18x72   31x84  
  31x36   31x48 36x54 24.5x60 34.5x64   19x72   34x84  
  32x36   33x48 43x54 25x60 35x64   22x72   34.5x84  
  34x36   34x48 57x54 26x60 36x64   22.5x72   35x84  
  34.5x36   34.5x48   27x60 39x64   23x72   36x84  
  35x36   35x48   28x60 40x64   24x72   39x84  
  36x36   35.5x48   28.5x60 47x64   24.5x72   43x84  
  46x36   36x48   29x60 52x64   25x72   47x84  
  46.5x36   39x48   29.5x60     25.5x72   48x84  
  47x36   40x48   30x60     26x72   58x84  
  48x36   41x48   30.5x60     26.5x72   63x84  
  59x36   42x48   31x60     27x72   70x84  
  71x36   43x48   32x60     28x72   71x84  
      44x48   32.5x60     28.5x72      
      45x48   33x60     29x72      
      46x48   33.5x60     29.5x72      
      46.5x48   34x60     30x72      
      47x48   34.25x60     30.5x72      
      48x48   34.5x60     31x72      
      53x48   34.75x60     31.5x72      
      58x48   35x60     32x72      
      58.5x48   35.5x60     32.5x72      
      59x48   36x60     33x72      
      63x48   37x60     34x72      
      70x48   38x60     34.25x72      
      70.5x48   38.5x60     34.5x72      
      71x48   39x60     34.75x72      
      72x48   40x60     35x72      
          40.5x60     35.5x72      
          41x60     36x72      
          42x60     37x72      
          43x60     38x72      
          45x60     39x72      
          46x60     40.5x72      
          46.5x60     42x72      
          47x60     43x72      
          48x60     46x72      
          53x60     46.5x72      
          54x60     47x72      
          57x60     48x72      
          58x60     52.5x72      
          58.5x60     54x72      
          59x60     58x72      
          62x60     58.5x72      
          63x60     59x72      
          70x60     62x72      
          70.5x60     62.5x72      
          71x60     63x72      
          72x60     66x72      
          81x60     70x72      
          82x60     70.5x72      
          82.5x60     71x72      
          93x60     72x72      
          95x60     78x72